Whirlpool – WHAW182BW

Whirlpool is a brand name for a line of window air conditioners manufactured by XLS Products Inc, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based company that deals with room-based air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

In sweltering summer weather, you will need an air conditioner that works well to ensure all the heat is kept away from the indoor environment. So today, we are going to look at one of its window air conditioners, the Whirlpool Energy Start 18000BTU WHAW182BW model.

Description of the WHAW182BW by Whirlpool

This beast spits out 18,000BTUs of heat energy on the highest setting, enabling it to work in space of up to 1000 square feet which is quite more than enough for large living rooms.

However, in order for this to be achieved, a considerable amount of energy is needed. Trying to plug this immense unit to a standard 115V outlet will not work. This because this unit works with the special 240V electrical outlet to work properly. You are therefore advised to consider connecting your house to the recommended voltage and doing the necessary rewiring before plugging the ac to the power.

Its 4.9-ft LCDI power cord should be enough to work in to reach the power outlet with its 3-prong grounded plug. In the event this is not enough, you should refrain from using just any cord and only purchase a cord that is similar to this one.

In addition to this, you will need to set a dedicated outlet to be used only with the appliance. Use of extension cords and or plugging the unit alongside other appliances could result in safety hazards.

This model is Energy Starยฎ compliant, which requires all window air conditioner to attain a ratio of at least 10.0EER. This unit exceeds expectations by clocking 11.9 EER of efficiency. This means that most of the current drawn from the mains is converted to BTUs and this saves energy and consequently the bills.

Dehumidification is more than modest as it is able to remove up to 4.75 pints of moisture per hour. Also, there is a removable and washable filter that traps dust, pollen, and most bacteria to ensure safe indoor air. There is an onboard ‘clean filter’ reminder to help you in ensuring the filter is always at top conditions.

The window mounting kit ensures fast unit installation by including all the required tools to ensure safe and easy mounting the window ac. It should, however, be noted that this ac works with a window width of 28 to 41″ and a height of 19″.

There is an onboard electronic control panel with digital display. It also has controls to set the unit between different modes such as sleep, eco, and time of operation. The remote control that comes with the unit is very handy as it has an LCD display that allows you to control the unit from across the room. The 3 cooling speeds plus the auto option provides cooling flexibility. The eco mode uses less energy for savings on your utility bill.

During the evening you can set the unit to sleep mode and this gradually increases room temperature to provide a comfortable night for your family. You can also schedule the programmable 24-hour on/off timer to cool for a specific duration after which it will automatically turn itself off.

Power failures should worry you as the unit automatically restarts when power is restored. What is even more impressive is that it will resume its previous setting once the power is back up.

This is a U.L. listed unit that comes with only one year of warranty coverage.

Technical Specs

Cooling capacity (in BTU)18000
Built-In Heat PumpNo
Built-In Heat DehumidifierYes
Recommended Room Size1000 sq. Ft.
Cooling Speeds3
Max Noise Level (in dB)60dB
Remote control ? Y/NYes
Automatic Shut-Off / Restart after shutdownYes
Maintenance RemindersYes
Power Supply240V
Weight144.2 lbs
Dimensions19 in x 28 in x 28 in
Warranty1 year
Accessories IncludedPower Cord, Installation kit.
Price (in USD)$549.00


  • Eco Mode. This Energy Star Rated ensures it saves energy as it cools down the room by adjusting the fan speed in response to the current indoor conditions.
  • Filter cleaning reminder. The on-board alert indicator should help you ensure the filter is always at good conditions by reminding you to clean it.


  • Only works with 240V outlets. This unit does not work with the common standard 115V outlet meaning you will have to rewire your house in order to use it.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comGreat A/C. Quiet, cold and just politely does what it's supposed to do. Makes the place much more comfortable."

Users quotes on Amazon.comGreat horsepower, quite large though and requires many support brackets. Runs quiet, and the remote works well. I wish the assembly process wasn't so involved, however (took about 1 hour to disassemble the unit to place the 10 or more bolts into place, then reassemble the unit)."

Conclusion: WHAW182BW by Whirlpool

If you have large areas you need to cool such as basements, an living areas of up to 1000sq ft, then you should consider purchasing this unit. Its multi-operating modes should help you achieve almost any feeling you desired any time of the day.

Whirlpool 18000 WHAW182BW ticks almost all boxes for the majority of the customers and therefore we would highly recommend it. At the time of writing a unit costs about $550 which a good return of value for the money.

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