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What is a HEPA filter?

When talking about air-purifying filters, it’s hard not to think of prefilters, activated carbon filters or HEPA filters.

Although very well known, the HEPA filter is still a great mystery to many, and it is time to tell you all about this filter so that you have all the information you need to make the right choice when buying your air purifier.

What is a HEPA filter?

The acronym HEPA, in full, actually stands for “High Efficiency Air Particulate”. HEPA is not a brand but an established standard.

The HEPA filter, in details

The HEPA filter, in details

This filter that is specially designed for purifying air is the type of filter used in vacuum cleaners and in air purifiers. This filter is easy to maintain and is completely hassle free.

It is designed to capture particles, which are potentially damaging to human health, removing them from circulation in the air before they are inhaled. It is a very useful filter that has great benefits for your health.

Functions of a HEPA filter

The HEPA filter is is capable of capturing very fine particles that are harmful to human health.

Specifically, HEPA filters work by effectively capturing dust, mites, pollen, animal hair, and even bacteria and viruses: .

How HEPA filters work in a typical Air purifier

How HEPA filters work in a typical Air purifier

Some air purifier manufacturers are even convinced that the models they are 99.97% reliable thanks to their use of various types of filter, but mainly through using HEPA filters.

So if you want you home to have clean air which is free of allergens and other harmful components, opting for an air purifier with a HEPA filter can really help you get there.

HEPA Filter Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, HEPA filters are easy to maintain . Indeed, most HEPA filters can be washed with clean water. In addition, most filters in air purifiers are equipped with an indicator that signals when it is time to change the HEPA filter.

It is advisable to use a sterilizing product to wash HEPA filters . This means that particles captured by the system will be neutralized straight away.

As you can see, the HEPA filter is an essential component for a truly effective air purifier. Also, you should know that there are several levels of HEPA filters, ranging from between 10 and 14; level 10 is the least effective and the most effective level is 14.

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