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What do humidifiers do?

How does a humidifier work?

The basic functionality of all humidifiers regardless of type is to increase the humidity of an indoor space. This can be a living room, office or in a factory. They do this by turning water into a fine mist that is mixed with dry air to increase its moisture content. The moisturized air then replaces the dry air in the room thereby raising the humidity of the room.Β Β 

Different humidifiers achieve this using different methods. Ultrasonic humidifiers create mist by using a small ultrasonic wave generator that agitates the water at very high speed. This causes some droplets at the surface of the water to gain enough energy to break away from the water. The droplets are then immediately picked up by air from a fan passing on the surface. Evaporative Humidifiers, on the other hand, blows air on a moistened wick/filter using a fan. This blows off water droplets from the filter into the air thereby moisturizing it. Lastly, there are Steam Vaporizers that heats the water to create a vapor which is then released into the air.Β 

What is a humidifier used for? (humidifier benefits)

Humidifiers basically turn water into mist. In most climates, the air tends to be very dry at times and this can cause a lot of problems. Even though you might not be able to control the weather outside from being too cold or too dry, you can always alter the state of your indoor conditions. Humidity is one of those things you should consider.Β Β 

The recommended level of humidity is at 40% to 50%. Most of the times, it is too low. This is caused by the dry air from outside replacing that of the indoor space.Β Β 

This can lead to problems ranging from aggravated allergy attacks to contracting seasonal flu and colds. Humidifiers also help deal with other problems such as cracked lips, dry skin, sinus congestion/headaches, irritated vocal cords, and dry throats. Humidifier therapy has proved to be much better as opposed to resorting to over-the-counter drugs for seasonal sicknesses. While humidifiers offer so many benefits, over-using them can lead to other problems and it is a good practice to consult a psychiatrist before buying a humidifier.

Walmart, Target or Amazon, where should I buy my humidifier?

When buying a humidifier, it is important to get some information about the seller or reseller before going ahead and making a purchase. Some of the factors which need to be taken into consideration include the price, time it takes before you receive the product, and the ease of returning default products. Β Β 

Different sellers can offer different prices for the same humidifier. There are trade-offs too to be taken into context. A product could be cheap on a certain store and take a week or two to reach you. You must be able to see which trade-offs you can tolerate.Β Β 

Walmart and Amazon have similar tricks up their sleeves to woo different type of customers and buying from any of them should feel much different in terms of convenience and competitiveness. Target also has a wide portfolio of brands and thus you have a wide variety to choose from.