Privacy Policy

Since our website uses special technologies for collecting information from our users, we find it important to be honest with our users and tell them what information we collect, how we collect that information, and for what purpose we do this. This privacy policy contains the terms and conditions of the TheAirGeeks website. Your choice to use our website represents your agreement to these terms and conditions. Read them carefully and should you not agree with them, please stop using our website.


We collect information by using two main methods: cookies and a contact form. These two main methods refer to two different types of information: cookies collect non-identifiable information, and the contact form contains identifiable information.


A cookie is a small text file, with a specific ID tag which is stored on either your browser history or on the program data sub folder. These files are used when you visit certain websites. Nowadays, most websites use cookies for improving their services. The Air Geeks’ website, also uses cookies, for the same purpose. These files track your movement through our website, remembering your preferences and other customization functions, and sometimes, helping you resume your viewing process from where you left of. The information collected by cookies includes but is not limited to IP addresses, type of used browser, type of used operating system and so on. This information is only used by our website and by our affiliates, for statistics, marketing strategies and other endeavors meant to improve our services.


If you want to ask us a question or send us a suggestion, you can do so through the form featured on the Contact page. In order to send us a message, you will be required to provide some personal information, your name and your e-mail address to be more precise. This identifiable information will only be used for contacting you with an answer to your question. This information will not be passed on to any third party and it will not be used for commercial purposes.


Since we value your trust, we wish to offer you full disclosure regarding the links that you will encounter on our website, as well as our relationship with our affiliates.


On our website, you will encounter various links that can redirect you to other websites. We usually use links in order to direct you to certain products or to offer more information on certain subjects. Keep in mind that we are not responsible for the content published on other websites. Moreover, the terms and conditions posted on this page, only apply to the TheAirGeeks site. When you are sent to another website from our website, you are no longer under the protection of our terms, and you should read the terms and conditions of that specific site. We only use links that direct you to content which we believe to be reliable and informative.


The TheAirGeeks site often participates in various affiliate programs. This means that some of the links found on our website are affiliate links. If you click on them, or you make a purchase after having clicked on them, our website will make a small commission. Nevertheless, you must understand that we never promote products or services that we ourselves wouldn’t use. We only direct our visitors to products and services that we have analyzed and found to be reliable. Speifically, The Air Geeks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


All the content found on this site is property of TheAirGeeks. The content posted on our website is strictly informational. It represents the opinions of the members of our team. We accept no legal liability or responsibility for anything that may happen as a result of reliance or interpretation of the information found on this website or on any other website linked to this site. We don’t guarantee that this website will always function without error, nor do we guarantee that the information presented here is 100% accurate and complete. We reserve the right to modify these terms of conditions at any time, without warning. We recommend all visitors to visit this page from time to time in order to stay informed about the latest modifications made on this page.

Thanks for your trust in the Air Geeks, and have a wonderful day.