Portable air coolers: how are they different from portable air conditioners? post image

Portable air coolers: how are they different from portable air conditioners?

Are you looking for a suitable air cooling solution for your bedroom, living room, or kitchen? To cool your space, you can either use an air conditioner or an air cooler.

These two appliances are designed to ensure that the temperature of your space remains within your desired level. Although both are designed to cool your room, they use different principles to achieve the desired results.

If you are planning to buy an cooling system for your space and you have not yet decided which appliance to go for, it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the two before making a final decision.

We have thoroughly studied the performance, effectiveness, and energy consumption of the two cooling systems to provide you with the information that you need before you select a specific solution.

Differences between portable air coolers and portable air conditioners

To start with, most portable air conditioners use the same principle as refrigerators to cool the space in which they are installed. In addition to cooling, most portable air conditioners are also designed to remove excess moisture. This makes them a suitable solution for high-humidity environments.

A nice and easy-to-install portable air cooler

A nice and easy-to-install portable air cooler

On the other hand, portable air coolers use water to cool the air in your room. As air passes through a section with cold water, it losses some of its heat before it is released to the room. This air cooling mechanism has limitations and it is not suitable for high humidity environments.

Portable air coolers have a lower cost of operation as compared to portable air conditioners. In addition, they consume less energy as compared to central air conditioning systems. If you are looking for a unit that will have little impact on your electricity bill, then you should go for an air cooler.

An air cooler costs more than an air conditioner of same cooling capacity. In most cases, the price of an air conditioner is double that of an air cooler of same capacity. In case you have a limited budget, then an air cooler should be the first appliance to consider.

An example of good integration

An example of good integration

Are you looking for a unit that is capable of providing your room with cool and clean air? Although the wet pads of an air cooler are capable of trapping some air contaminants, portable air coolers are not as highly effective in cleaning the air as portable air conditioners.

Excess moisture can significantly affect the environment of your room. It can cause your possessions to rot or corrode. A portable air cooler adds moisture to the air in your room and it is therefore not a suitable solution for areas that have high relative humidity.

For a portable air cooler to deliver the best performance, the windows of your house should remain open. This is not possible if the outside environment is harsh. To ensure that you get the most from your appliance, you should consider all these factors prior to selecting a specific cooling solution.

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