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O-Ion – B-1000 : Air Purifier Review

The B-1000 is a compact air purifier that integrates filtration mechanisms to ensure that various airborne pollutants are removed from the air that goes through it.

This air purifier is designed to consume minimum energy and runs quietly, two thinkgs that it does very satisfactorily.

In addition, it is optimized to capture air contaminants of various types and sizes.

You should not allow dust, allergens, and bad smell to dominate the atmosphere of your house. With this system in a small room, you are promised to enjoy clean and fresh air.

Yet, in spite of a very affordable pricing, it is always important to pay attention to various factors before selecting an air purifier. Let’s get down to the business, and see what the O-Ion B-1000 is really like.

Description of the B-1000 by O-Ion

The air we inhale contains millions of contaminants. Some of these airborne pollutants can be harmful to our health. This air purifier utilizes the highly effective ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology to eliminate harmful pollutants such as disease causing microorganisms before they get to your respiratory system.

Cooking, smoking, and pets can be a source of bad smell for your house. You should not let your living room and bedrooms be dominated by the smell from your kitchen. This air purifier is optimized to remove odors and ensure that the air it discharges is clean and fresh. It features a highly effective carbon filtration mechanism that ensures that your rooms are dominated by fresh air.

Same design, different color!

Same design, different color!

Unlike open spaces where there is free flow of air, enclosed places such as your rooms can be filled with air pollutants. Pollutants can make the environment in your room unpleasant. The B-1000 air purifier features an electrostatic purification mechanism where negative ions trap airborne contaminants as small as .01 microns before they find their way into your lungs.

Some airborne pollutants are so small to be seen by a naked eye. There are millions of such particles in the air that we inhale. The B-1000 air purifier is designed to capture even the tiniest particle before it reaches your nostrils. According to the manufacturer, this unit is capable of capturing particles that are as tiny as 0.01 microns. The ionic technology generates negative ions that enable the system to remove minute particles from the air.

In terms of sturdiness and reliability, this unit disappoints. Many users reported their unit started breaking or working only a minority if time. Sure, its UV bulb is rated to last 10,000 hours, but the mechanism can turn defective, and this is a significant problem : however cheap this product is, you are bound to spend more and

You can enhance the effectiveness of your air purifier by ensuring that it is well maintained. It is easy to maintain the B-1000 air purifier. To start with, its permanent electrostatic dust collector rod does not require replacement. You can easily remove this rod and clean it through wiping. The carbon filter of this air cleaning unit is washable and does not require monthly replacements. You can remove the trapped dirt from this charcoal filter by washing or vacuuming it.

Easily switch filters!

Easily switch filters!

Some home appliances are known to produce disturbing sounds when they are running. This air purifier is designed to run quietly. This makes it an ideal choice for places where quietness is required. In addition, this system is designed to deliver an impressive rate of air circulation to ensure that your room is dominated by fresh and clean air. It offers 2 fan speeds.

Technical Specs

Filter TypeUV-C and Electrostatic Ionizer Purification
Air Flow CFM.01 micron
Maker-recommended Room Size100 square feet
Noise levelModerate
Energy star-rated NO
Power (in W)150 W to 60 W from high to low
Remote control ? Y/NN
Dimensions5.5 x 6.5 x 17 inches
Weight3.8 pounds
Maker (brand)O-Ion (B-1000)
Warranty3 year warranty
Link to Manual-


  • Quiet operation. This unit is compact and is designed to run quietly, which it does satisfactorily.
  • Low one time price and energy consumption. This unit runs on 7.5W with a price tag under $80.


  • The system produces ozone. As can be read in the fine print this air purifier produces a small amount of ozone. For people with respiratory problems, this may NOT be a good choice – which defeats, for them, the purpose of cleaning their air.
  • Poor reliability. The β€œvalue” price tag is only value if you do not have to replace your unit every 12 months. For a majority of users however, this is the case. A big no-no in our view.
  • Average performance. This purifier only cleans smaller areas. It is only suitable for very small spaces.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comOne thing that the information on this product did not mention is that it produces small amounts of ozone as a by product (within requirements set by UL 867) but ozone is not good for people with respiratory conditions. I bought the unit thinking that it might help me with my COPD, but when I received the unit and read the manual, it stated that "People with respiratory problems or lung disease should consult a physician before using this product". I wish this had been stated in the description of the product on Amazon. That omission of data makes a big difference to people like me."

Users quotes on Amazon.comWorks great in the bedroom. My bedroom is 10x12. I'm really allergic to cats but made a commitment to my buddy 3 years before I developed allergies. With this purifier I can enjoy his presence without dealing with a stuffy nose and watery, itchy eyes. The ion purifier came in a two boxes, one within the other, and a manual to explain operations and maintenance. I included Totoro for a size comparison. The purifier is only good in the one room, it doesn't work in the whole apartment, my apt is ~800 ft. My cat is a light shedder and my apt is practically empty. I included pics of the switch on the bottom that turns the blue light on for looks. The top rectangle above the word "ion" you press to open the cartridge, brush the air filter clean and cleanse the cartridge. The switch on top has 3 options with the far left being "off". The back has a handle to grab and carry but it's recommended you keep an dither hand under the purifier to be careful. The bottom back sucks in the air and the front releases the purifier air. I'm not bothered by the green light at night but I'm also not a light sleeper. I have only 1 cat and no other pets or children."

Conclusion: B-1000 by O-Ion

The O-Ion B-1000 air purifier combines various filtration mechanisms satisfactorily clean the air in small spaces. On the plus side, it is cheap, small and light.

However, let us exercise caution here : its unreliability and the fact that it releases a small quantity of ozone as part of its cleaning process and two major deal-breakers for the Air Geeks team.

Only purchase if your budget is very tight.

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