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Mobile Air Conditioner: a real plus or just a gimmick?

When summer comes, one can use a range of different devices to provide a bit of fresh air . These could be wall air conditioners, fans or even split or mobile fans. However, based on the smaller size of mobile air-conditioning units, you could be forgiven for doubting their effectiveness . It’s time for find out whether buying a mobile air-conditioning unit is a real plus or just an ineffective gadget.

Mobile air conditioners have a compact design, are easy to install and above all β€”portable! Judging by their small dimensions, you might think they wouldn’t be able to cool an entire room, but think again!

A Danby mobile air conditioner at work!

A Danby mobile air conditioner at work!

In addition, some people think that mobile air-con units are only suitable for cooling small rooms, and that they are always battery powered. Again, these thoughts are quite understandable, given that there is currently a large range of very small mobile air-con units on the market.

However logical and understandable these ideas may seem, they’re false! Let’s dive into it.

Reality : what does a Mobile Air Conditioner do?

So the basic idea is that a mobile air conditioning unit is designed to be a mobile way of bringing all the fresh, cool air needed into one or more areas of the home.

Far from being just a gadget, these refrigeration units require maintenance and monitoring. On top of this, mobile air conditioners are very noisy when running. It’s also useful to know that some models of air-con are reversible, so can provide heat in winter, too.

On top of all these points, when consumers see the price tags of these air-conditioning units, they certainly won’t consider them to be just a useless gadget.

Mobile Air Conditioner Tips

We see mobile air conditioning as an extra device that is only used for part of the year, even if it’s reversible. They’re suitable for all types of people, but are especially useful for those who need to cool one room, in particular.

They are also a good-value choice. Some particularly effective models are not only long-lasting, but also perform well and meet their owners’ expectations in terms cooling them down during hot weather.

A sketch to understand how mobile ac units work!

A sketch to understand how mobile ac units work (thanks Danby ac units)!

On the Air Geeks’ website, we’ll talk about several products in order to help people to find the mobile air conditioner that best suits their needs.

You’ll see that mobile air conditioning is a real plus. If you thought that these units were simple gadgets, your doubts are misplaced. So if you want to keep cool in summer and warm up in winter, get your hands on a mobile air-con unit, you won’t regret it! Why not start with our mobile air conditioner buying guide?

FYI: The Air Geeks' top-rated portable AC units tested in 2020:
1. Black+Decker – BPACT14WT: the all-around best option (very large rooms)
2. Whynter - Elite Arc 122DS: the best value (large rooms)
3. Honeywell - MN10CSWW: superior unit, great price (avg. rooms)
4. Honeywell – MO08CESWK: a very good entry-level option (small rooms)