Lasko – 755320 Ceramic Tower: Space Heater

Lasko 755320 is a ceramic tower heater meant for heating areas in your house such as bedrooms, finished basements, and home offices to provide the much-needed warmth, especially during the cold seasons. We are going to look at some of its main features such as ease of use, safety, convenience, portability, heat output, and its ability to distribute the heat evenly across the house. 

These features will help you determine whether the item aligns with your preference and your targeted space conditions. They will also help gauge the device performance compared to similar products available in the market.  We think this one is top-notch.

Description of the 755320 Ceramic Tower by Lasko

In terms of safety, Lasko did an impressive job ensuring that consumers are protected from overheating. During power outages, may appliances including space heaters are subject to electrical surges and overload.  This can result in overheating and destruction of the heater which could potentially cause fires especially when there is no one around to notice.  The auto-shutoff switch ensures power is cut off when it detects a rise in temperature over a predetermined value. The cool-touch exterior also helps to ensure there are no burn-accidents in case you touch the device. 

This heater doesn’t have topple-detection-and-shut off feature though. If it falls on a carpet or a fluffy material, it could damage the material due to the intense heat especially if the grill is facing down. 

Lasko 755320 comes with an easy to use control panel consisting of a digital thermostat and conveniently placed buttons at the top of the appliance to ensure hassle-free access to the panel. The thermostat enables you to view the current temperature and also allows you to configure the heating element to your preferred temperature level. You can also set the time to which you want the appliance to run by using the onboard timer. The heater automatically shuts off when the set time elapses. 

Additionally, you can opt to use a remote control to set the time, oscillations, temperature and fan speed without having to move to the heater. 

The device has two different settings – the high setting and the low setting. The high setting has a maximum heat output of 1500W which is enough for the middle-sized room such as your bedroom or study room. There is also an automatic-setting feature that automatically heats the room according to the current conditions. 

The ability to oscillate ensures that heat is spread evenly across the room. The speed of the oscillations can be set from the control panel. 

If you are looking to save on the heating costs in your house, a small portable space heater can greatly help. Using this heater will help you lower your main whole house thermostat thereby bringing down electricity bills significantly. This can also help reduce wear and tear on your main heating system by reducing strain on it. 

It is E.T.L listed, meaning it has been confirmed to pass basic safety standards. Every unit comes fully assembled and is backed by a 3-year warranty. With a receipt as a proof of purchase, any defects in workmanship or materials are appropriately reimbursed.

Technical Specs

Model755320 Ceramic Tower
TypeElectric Ceramic
Power SourceMax 1500W
Heating levels3 heat settings (750W, 1125W, 1500W), Auto mode.
Fan ForcesYes
Features-Ceramic element is self-regulating for enhanced safety
-Maximum heat at 1500 watts
-Additional safety with automatic overheat protection
-Lasko ceramic heaters are warm and comforting
Safety featuresOverheat protection switch
Weight8.75 lbs
Dimensions8.5″L x 7.25″W x 23″H
Accessories IncludedRemote control
Price (in USD)$54.99


  • Its build uses small spaces. This is especially important for those with small rooms.
  • There is a remote control to set the time, oscillations, temperature and fan speed.


  • No tilt-detection safety feature. This can cause accidents in case the device topples or is knocked over.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comThis is the third heater of this model that I have purchased. Living alone, it seems silly to heat the entire house when I am just sitting in the living room reading or watching TV in the evening. I do not use them during the day, except to warm the bathroom for a shower. I heat the house with propane and it is not cheap. SO I anticipate a big savings using these little heaters. I also have Lasko tower fans which I have used in the summer for at least five years. So I hope to get as long a life from these little heaters as the tower fans. My living room is about 16X20 with high ceilings, and also opens into the dining room and kitchen. SO this is almost like one huge room. That is the reason for using three fans. I can already see they will do the job. IF not they are reasonable enough that I will order one more."

Users quotes on Amazon.comThis is a fine little heater I'm sure, so my main problem may be unique to me or certain customers. It is fan based, and I live in a dry climate. So the fan pumps out very, very dry heat, and I found this to be very irritating to my throat and nasal passages. If you already live in a dry climate, this heater will potentially make things more uncomfortable, as it basically produces more very dry air pushing at you. I had total sinus blockage after the first night using this fan that lasted for several days. I switched to a radiator based heater and have not had any issue. So my issue was not with the product really but the kind of fan it is, which is a certain fan style and may not be for everyone."

Conclusion: 755320 Ceramic Tower by Lasko

This heater passed the vast majority of our tests with flying colors. We recommend it as a perfect supplement to your main heating systems that can help lower your electricity bills significantly while offering a much quicker way to achieve your desired temperatures. 

Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater is fairly affordable and comes with features that can compete with its more expensive counterparts. If you are looking for a quick solution for your basement, garage, bedroom, or kitchen, don’t hesitate to get yourself one of these.

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