How to pick a humidifier?

How to pick a humidifier? post image

Buying Guide


β†’ Our criteria to buy a humidifier in October 2018:

  1. The type of humidifier lets you tailor your purchase to your specific needs.
  2. The flow rate is an essential metric of power.
  3. The hygrometry controls to best meet the specific situation.
  4. The functionalities to ensure you are covered.
  5. Maintenance is a crucial point to ensure the optimal functioning of your air humidifier.


The type of humidifier

There are different types of humidifiers on the market. The major differences generally lie in how they work.

The cool mist humidifier

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The warm mist humidifier

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The ultrasonic humidifier

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The UV humidifier

The flow rate

The hygrometry



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