Hamilton Beach – 04386A: Air Purifier Review

If you need a purifier, not specifically for medical reasons, but if you just need to keep the dust and cleanliness level up, then Hamilton Beach (04386A Air Purifier is the one you should be looking for. It won’t cost you much money both when purchasing the unit, but also during maintenance. 

It does a pretty job in ensuring dust, mold and pet dander are kept in check before they get to wreak havoc and start causing all sorts of problems to you or your family.

Description of the 04386A by Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach (04386A) Air Purifier uses True HEPA grade filters to ensure that the air sucked through the appliance comes out cleaner. The HEPA filters are permanent and only needs to be vacuumed and passed through a soft brush and they are ready to be reused. This reduces operating costs as replacements for air filters are known to go for as much as $40 depending on the model. However, in case you are financially constrained, this will definitely be a good buy. 

This purifier removes particles of a minimum of 3 microns from the air. This is a huge difference from 0.3 microns popular with most purifiers. This means that a lot of particles get to pass through the filter and this is where you have to be very aware before purchasing this product to avoid disappointments. Some of the particles that get to pass the filters include; Bacteria, light dust, tobacco smoke, and metallic fumes. You should take extra caution to ensure you don’t have a problem with the mentioned particles as buying this purifier will not make any difference. 

The compact and sturdy design enables it to be placed vertically or horizontally according to your liking. The design team opted for durability and compactness of the device instead of a beautiful and sleek design, although this one would also be appealing to some people. In fact, it comes in 2 different colors to choose from, that is red or black. 

On the control panel, the designers opted to go with a knob instead of the electronic touch-sensitive buttons most of us are used to. This could be a deal breaker but there is still a large group who value functionality over design. On the dial knob, you can choose between 3-speed operations depending on the air conditions. The Quick Clean mode is the fastest while the Whisper-Clean is the lowest and also the quietest. The led display is lacking and also a whole bunch of features associated with it; from automatic timers to filter-replacement notifications, this purifier massively fails to deliver on that front. There is also no way to determine whether the device is working properly so you will have to rely on your intuitions or previous experience with purifiers.

This does not, however, seem to deter many users who have liked it either due to its affordability or the permanent filters. 

If you are looking to cover about 160 sq .ft of space in your house, this is definitely the purifier of choice. Again, this will surely disappoint you if you if you are looking for a purifier for a room like for example a living room as you will feel negligible or no difference. It is therefore advised you take due diligence of making sure you know the dimensions of the space you are looking to use it in. 

On the noise-level area, Hamilton Beach (04386A) Air Purifier does not fair badly if compared with similar models on the market and the Whisper-Clean mode does indeed produce whisper-quiet noise level. If you love white noise generators in your bedroom, then this one serves as a two in one unit! 

It comes with a 1-year warranty so you will have to incur replacement and maintenance of parts as soon as 12 months are over. This is not uncommon for such a low price though many go for as many as five years of warranty and support.

Technical Specs

Filter Type-HEPA filter
Particle size (in microns)-3 micros
CADR Rating-100+
Recommended Room Size (in sq ft.)-160 sq ft.
Noise level-46dB
Cord Length (in ft.)-6.5 ft
Power (in W)-44 W
Timer ? Y/N-No
Remote control ? Y/N-No
Light for filter replacement ? (Y/N)-No
Dimensions-8.5”L x 6” W x 13.5” H
Weight (in lbs)-5.74 pounds
Brand-Hamilton Beach


  • Very affordable: This is one of the cheapest purifiers in the market currently.


  • Doesn't remove particles smaller than 3 microns: This means that metallic dust and other light dusts still stay suspended in the air and this can cause a lot of problems.
  • Control Panel doesn't have a display: No ability to tell whether the device working correctly or not.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comIt's winter and I found myself waking up every morning with a clogged nose. (Gross, I know...but that is what was going on.) I figured the air in my house probably wasn't great for whatever reason. We don't have pets and don't smoke. I am guessing we have lots of dust with everything shut tight for the winter, not a lot of air circulation. After 24 hours of running this, I was shocked when I woke in the morning and didn't have a stuffed up nose. One thing I was concerned about before purchasing it was noise generated by the machine. I am a light sleeper. It has three settings. At night I put it on quiet which is like a gentle white noise. I have no problem falling asleep with it running."

Users quotes on Amazon.comThis definitely works. We have a puppy, cat, and bird and started noticing the "pet" smell when walked in. Purchased this item for open family room/kitchen area and ran it on medium. The next morning the air smelled clean and fresh. Since my area is bigger than the recommended square footage asleep I keep in on 24/7 on medium. I only gave it 4 stars because it is slightly bigger than I expected (although probably necessary for it to do its thing) and not that pretty. I prefer a non-cluttered clean look to my home and had a hard time finding a place to put it that did not irk me. I plan on buying a second one for my son's room."

Conclusion: 04386A by Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach (04386A) Air Purifier has a large following of its own mainly attracted by its affordability and low maintenance cost. You should, however, take extra caution not to be another of those who blindly purchase appliances without first knowing what type and features they want. If you follow through many reviews about this purifier, many of them are well informed on what they are going to get and they are happy with what they get. Occasionally though, you will find some people complaining about the lack of certain features they just assumed they had to be there. 

Diligently make an informed decision on how much space and what features you would like and see if this one fits there. If it does, congratulations!

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