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Frigidaire – FFAD5033R1: Dehumidifier Review

There’s no denying that Frigidaire is a serious player in the dehumidifying segment.

Yet again, with this product, it displays its understanding of the consumer’s need (efficient product that are easy to use), while providing us with an affordable product.

The FFAD5033R1 is a 50-pint dehumidifier that is optimized to remove excess moisture from your house while consuming minimum energy. This easy-to-use unit offers effortless humidity control and minimum user attention is required. Does it get any better than this? Our review.

Description of the FFAD5033R1 by Frigidaire

If you have been experiencing difficulties when breathing, then there are high chances that the level of moisture in your house is higher than it should be. You should not allow excess moisture to ruin the environment of your room. The FFAD5033R1 is designed to enable you to regulate the humidity of your room with ease. It is optimized to transform your room into a comfortable place that is free from mustiness and dumpiness.

Well, how? The FFAD5033R1 offers a capacity of 50 pints per day and it is therefore suitable for small and medium rooms. In addition, it features a 13.1-pint tank for holding the captured water. While 50 pints is a theoretical amount (tested in very hot and humid environments, where the dehumidifier works most), the actual tests at room temperature and normal humidity levels are very satisfactory : tested in a 1000 sqft basement, it very quickly normal reestablished humidity levels after heavy rains.

A very discrete unit

A very discrete unit

But this is not all : the FFAD5033R1 is extremely hands-off. While some dehumidifiers require a user to keep checking the amount of water accumulated in the tank, this unit features an alert subsystem that notifies you when the tank is full, and is designed to go off automatically when the tank is full.

You therefore don’t need to worry that the unit will leak water on your floor.

For high humidity places, it can be a cumbersome exercise to empty the tank manually. In such places, it is easier and more convenient to position the unit close to a suitable drain.

Attaching a hose to the unit to drain the captured water under gravity offers a better solution. This option is ideal for high humidity places where the tank is likely to fill quickly.

You should always consider the energy needs of any appliance before selecting one. Some appliances consume a lot of energy and they can significantly affect your budget.

The FFAD5033R1 is an Energy Star rated unit that is designed to consume minimum energy. In case you want to remove excess moisture from your house with minimum impact on your overall electricity consumption, then you should consider this unit.

An intuitive dashboard!

An intuitive dashboard!

Some home appliances are user friendly while other are not. You should always go for systems that you can easily operate and control. This dehumidifier is designed to enable you to regulate the humidity of your house with ease and convenience.

It features ready-select electronic controls which enable you to adjust the humidity of your room effortlessly. In addition, it offers a control clock and a 24-hour on/off timer. With Effortless Humidity Control, you can adjust the amount of moisture in your room to a desired percentage level.

Sometimes you may need to move your dehumidifier from one position to another. The FFAD5033R1 features caster wheels, side handles, and a top handle to allow you to move it with ease. To move your unit from one room to another, you just need to push it. The handles allow easy lifting of the unit when there is a need to do so.

Technical Specs

Dehumidification capacity (in pints)50
Air Flow (CFM)Air CFM (High): 182
Noise level47 dB
Cord Length6 ft
Power (in W)-
Digital HygrostatCheck
Tank Size (in Pints)13.1
Timer ? Y/NY
Remote controlNo
Dimensions11.6 x 15 x 24.4 inches
Weight46 pounds
Maker (model)Frigidaire (FFAD5033R1)
WarrantyFull 1-year parts and labor warranty


  • Quiet operation. The number one feature, here. The noise produced by this unit is tolerable and it is lower than that produced by most units of same capacity. The fan makes little noise while the compressor is almost inaudible.
  • Highly effective. Most users who have this unit in small rooms have expressed satisfaction with it performance.


  • Finishes are not always perfect. Among them, inaccurate humidity readings can be discouraging on this unit.
  • Generates heat. This unit can cause the temperature to rise by a few degrees when it is left running for long. This is undesirable in hot places.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comSo far so good. I have never owned a Dehumidifier before so I really have nothing to compare this to. I know that if I leave it on here in my Orlando Florida home, it starts to really collect water fast which means its definitely working. In my smaller room it brings the humidity level down from 60% to 35% in like an hour tops. In the big living room it wont get >40 but that's probably because we have a few windows that suck and outside air is allowed in constantly through them. The machine is super solid and built with supreme quality. Love the sliding wheels which makes it easy to take different places in your home with ease. I am really happy with this purchase and I will surely come back to leave a review if anything changes."

Users quotes on Amazon.comI performed a lot of research prior to deciding on a humidifier for my 1100 sq ft walkout basement. During the spring and summer, the average humidity in my basement is over 50% but can get as high as 65%+ during a good heavy rain. I was going to go with the previous Frigidaire version but it was unavailable at any local stores. I chose to buy the newer 50 pint model to save a few bucks and to hopefully have a unit that addressed any common concerns with the previous unit - I couldn't be happier. It has no problem maintaining our basement at 35%. It is a lot quieter than I was expecting (though I am sure that some may think it is loud) - Unfortunately I don't have a way to measure SPL for the sound. The unit only runs when it needs to. We have this unit continuously drain into the same drain used by our gas furnace. Setup was very easy - almost didn't need to read the manual. I will update the review at the 12 month mark. From what I have read, I may regret not buying the extended warranty!"

Conclusion: FFAD5033R1 by Frigidaire

In case you are looking for a suitable dehumidifier for your small room, in a non-tropical climate, then the FFAD5033R1 is an ideal choice for you.

This unit effectively controls the relative humidity of your room to enable you to breathe easily. It also removes excess moisture to make your house unsuitable for mildew and mold growth.

In our review, ranks amongst the best 50-pinters!

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