Dyson – Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 Fan Heater: Space Heater

Heaters are some of the most critical appliances in our house because they do one of the most important jobs in our house. While choosing one to provide the warmth you need during the winter, you should not rush to choose one – you should do your own research prior to purchasing one to make sure you choose the heater that is safe and does what it says it can do. That’s where we can help!

We are going to look into the Dyson AM09 heater, which promises to rid the freezing and uncomfortable cold in your homes, and help you determine if this is the right heater for you.  We are going to cross-examine the various features to see which can actually help you achieve the warmth you need.

Description of the Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 Fan Heater by Dyson

One thing you will notice right away is that Dyson really tried to make this AM09 Fan Heater look more appealing by ensuring an attractive and ingenious design to give the appliance its premium look. It features a bottle-like build with rounded edges all around. It blends well with any furniture setting and users will feel confident showing off their new gadget. The display panel is conveniently placed near the bottom. 

There are no exposed fan blades and everything is properly concealed to ensure maximum security while operating the appliance. The heater uses a special patented technology called “Air Multiplier Technology” to ensure the appliance draws and spits out more air than its counterparts. Air is sucked at the bottom into the fan and it spits out an opening on the rings whereby it forces more air through the ring and this makes it possible to move larger volumes of air. 

This ring design also ensures that air can be directed to certain spots or configured to cover wider areas. To help with this, the heater has an oscillatory capability to give it a wider coverage and ensure that air is distributed evenly across the room. 

The appliance’s build and design ensure maximum security so you will not have to worry if your curious children start playing with the appliance when it’s on. There are no exposed blades and all hot components are sealed inside the appliance. The exterior remains cool to touch even after long hours of operation. If the appliance is accidentally toppled by running kids or pets, there is an automatic switch placed at the bottom that detects the device’s orientation and switches off the appliance. However, this function may or may not work properly for carpeted and fluffy surfaces as it requires a hard level surface to work properly. 

There is also an overheat protection in case a defunct internal component causes abnormal temperature increase. The device will automatically shut off if it detects such abnormalities. 

This device is fairly quiet, especially considering the sheer amount of air it moves. The design and build of this model have made it possible to be 75% quieter than its predecessors. 

We found controlling this machine a breeze – pun intended. The button is well labeled and the control panel features a modern LED display to give you information about the current temperatures. You can set the temperature anywhere between 32 to 99 degrees and the intelligent thermostat will automatically configure the best settings to ensure that your preferred temperature level is reached quickly without raising your energy cost significantly. 

The highest heat setting will draw a maximum of 1500W of energy which is typically the average on the market for portable space heaters. It is not ideal to use this mode every time you switch on the heater (unless you can’t wait to have your frozen fingers back) as it will blow only air on your face initially – the breeze will gradually increase in temperature when using the auto mode. 

The fan mode will also give you the cool air in the summer so you won’t have to buy an additional appliance for that.

Technical Specs

TypeElectric Ceramic
Power SourceMax 1500
Heating levels1 heat setting( 1500W) and a Fan Mode.
Fan ForcesYes
Features-long range powerful airflow
-Wide projections to mix the sorrounding air
-Air multiplier technology
-Safe all year round
Safety features-Overheat protection
-Tip-over safety protection
ColorsBlack, Iron/Blue
Weight5.91 lbs
Dimensions8 x 6 x 23.4 in
Warranty1 year
Accessories Included-
Price (in USD)$398.88


  • Extremely portable: Can be moved anywhere with ease.
  • Safe:Topple and overheat detection features can be handy in preventing burn and fire accidents.


  • Tends to dry out the air: This might not be good news to those people who are susceptible to dry air.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comThis fan has been a lifesaver in the summer heat! It's powerful enough to keep me cool at night and quiet enough not to keep me awake. I like the bladeless design so it's safe around kids (and adults!), and the remote has been really convenient to use from a bed. I love the color and finish - feels well made and it's very aesthetically pleasing!"

Users quotes on Amazon.comI purchased the AM09 Fan Heater in November 2015 for use as a heater in the lower entryway and adjoining laundry room of my home. I had been using a space heater in each area to keep the chill away and wanted to replace each with something more energy efficient. I have had a Dyson vacuum for years that I absolutely love and decided to give the AM09 a try. It serviced both areas quite well and contributed to lower electric costs. I am using it this summer in the same areas as a fan to keep the air moving. It's quiet, energy efficient, has a great space-saving design and can be used year round - it's terrific!"

Conclusion: Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 Fan Heater by Dyson

Now that we know what we are going to get with this Dyson AM09 Portable heater, we can thoroughly evaluate it.  According to our analysis, this heater is just fine especially if you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing heating solution that can warm small spaces effectively. 

However, this is not the best option for larger spaces like living rooms or spaces with high ceilings as the room will take a long time to be sufficiently heated. This is not the best scenario especially if you have just entered in the house from a freezing exterior and you are just looking for a quick warm up.

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