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DeLonghi – PACAN120EW : Portable Air Conditioner Review

Delonghi : sounding like Italian nobility and yet maker of portable AC. Ain’t life quaint?

The PACAN120EW is a strong air conditioner that offers a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU. This unit is suitable for small and medium-sized offices, bedrooms, living rooms, computer rooms, et cetera.

It employs an advanced technology to recirculate the captured moisture for cooling the air. This helps to minimize the accumulation of the condensate. In addition, this unit offers an intuitive interface and user controls to help you control the environment of your room with ease and convenience.If you are planning to buy this air conditioner for your home or office, then you could be looking for reliable and accurate information about its features and performance. The Air Geeks have thoroughly researched to compile reliable and unbiased information that will help you to make a wise decision. We have also gone an extra mile to find out its strengths and weaknesses. Without wasting time, we will start with its description.

Description of the PACAN120EW by DeLonghi

What is the size of your room? In case your room is small or medium-sized, then the PACAN120EW is a suitable option for you. According to the manufacturer, it can be used for cooling rooms that are as large as 450 square feet. It is uniquely designed to deliver impressive capacity while consuming minimum power. Furthermore, this unit achieves the desired environment within a short time.

The PACAN120EW utilizes an advanced condensate recirculation mechanism to minimize accumulation of the condensate. This highly effective mechanism makes this air conditioner a suitable solution for humid places. This unit is capable of removing up to 54.95 pints of moisture per day when the air conditioner is dehumidifying while cooling.

Cool gear for a cool interior!

Cool gear for a cool room!

In the dehumidifying-only setting, this air cooling system is capable of pulling up to 86.65 pints of moisture per day. In case you are looking for a unit that will serve both air cooling and dehumidification functions, then this air conditioner is a suitable solution.

Apart from cooling and dehumidifying your room, this air conditioner features a BioSilver air filter that effectively traps dust, pollen, and bacteria. With this unit in your house, you will get cool, clean, and fresh air that is free from excess moisture.

In addition, this air conditioner features a remote control that allows you to control the environment of your room without the need to walk to where the unit is positioned. Moreover, the PACAN120EW has castor wheels that allow you to it move from one position to another with ease and convenience.

Virtually all home appliances that have a fan and a compressor produce an audible sound. This air conditioner produces an audible sound that can be disturbing to people who are highly sensitive to noise. Nevertheless, the unit does not produce an irritating sound.

In addition, this air conditioner consumes minimum power and you therefore don’t need to worry that it will make your electricity consumption to rise abnormally. The PACAN120EW is constructed with high quality material and it is durable.

The firm's logo and motto.

The firm’s logo and motto.

The PACAN120EW comes with a window venting kit that fits in most standard windows. Although the process is clearly elaborated in the manual, we have noted that it can be time consuming if any improvisation is required for the unit to fit in your window. For most custom designed windows, minor modifications are required. If installed correctly, the unit cools the room effectively to ensure that your room has a comfortable environment.


Technical Specs

Cooling Capacity (BTU)12 000 BTU
Built-In Dehumidifier3.6 pints / hour
Built-In Heat PumpNo
Recommended Room Size450 square feet
Cooling Speeds-
Fan Speeds3
Amount of Air Moved (Max CFM)-
Max Noise Level53 dBA
Timer ? Y/N-
Remote control ? Y/NY
Dimensions17.8 x 15.5 x 29.5 inches
Weight68.4 pounds
Maker (brand)DeLonghi (PACAN120EW)


  • Runs quietly. Although most air conditioners produce an irritating sound, we have noted that this unit is quieter. Unless you are highly sensitive to noise, you can sleep with this unit running in the background. In the whisper mode, it is not easy to notice that it is running.
  • High quality design. This air conditioner is strongly built. This enhances it durability and makes it a suitable option for people who are looking for a long lasting system.


  • Does not fit in some windows. Although the unit fits well in most vertically sliding windows, we noted that minor modifications are needed when it comes to most horizontally sliding windows.
  • Bulky. Although the unit has caster wheels for easy mobility, we have noted that it can be a difficult task to carry it upstairs or downstairs.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comThis unit arrived well packaged for shipping (double boxed). Shipping label says it weighs 89 pounds. It doesn't seem that heavy out of the box though. The window kit adjusts to 47 inches max which falls three inches short in my standard 50 inch slider windows. The whisper mode is not as quiet as I had hoped but it does cut the level of the compressor significantly. The fan is still quite noisy. It uses a centrifugal (squirrel cage) fan that sucks air in through a filter so it's never going to get that quiet. Of course the hotter the room gets, the more tolerable the noise. So far I've used it in a 500 sq ft room it falls short of cooling the far perimeter of the room even after hours of being on. So my guess is that a max of 450 sq ft which is what the manufacturer recommends is accurate. It easily cools a 200 sq ft bedroom. The portability is nice as long as you can roll it where you need to go. It has decent casters."

Users quotes on Amazon.comThe DeLonghi Unit is an excellent air conditioner for a single room if you have the space. The unit measures 28 inches high, 12 inches wide, and 16 Β½ inches deep. This is about the size of an end table. The unit must be placed near a window in order to vent the hot air. It also has to be 5 Β½ feet from an electrical outlet that does not have multiple devices on the same circuit. This would include computers, televisions, and electronic gadgets of this nature. The air conditioner is reasonably easy to install. The parts all fit together without requiring tools. However, if you live in an older house, like we do, there may be some problems to overcome. The window kit is the most difficult part of the installation. It is designed to fit most standard windows from about 20 inches to over 40 inches and there is an extender for windows bigger than that. A pin is included to fit into the predriled holes to keep the device extended to the correct amount while you fit the hose to it. The problem is that the holes are about an inch apart which wasn't a good spacing for our window. This problem can be overcome by drilling an additional hole to make a snug fit. The other problem is the depth of the distance from the inner sill to the outer sill. The device is designed for about a half inch. Our windows have an inch between the inner and outer sill. We remedied this by placing a piece of wood under the window kit to raise it to the correct position. When the hose is connected the air conditioner sits about 18 inches from the wall. This is fine in our room, but you need to be sure you have enough space to accommodate the hose. It might be possible to squeeze it in a few inches, but not many."

Conclusion: PACAN120EW by DeLonghi

In case you are looking for a strongly built air conditioner that cools your room without producing irritating sound, then you should consider the PACAN120EW. This unit effectively cools the room within a short time to ensure that your office, bedroom, living room, computer room, et cetera has a comfortable environment.

Despite its impressive performance, we have noted that this unit does not fit easily in most horizontally sliding windows. However, you only require minor modifications to make it fit in such windows. Unless this drawback is a major issue to you, we feel that this is a great appliance if it is installed in a small or medium-sized room. A great product!

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