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Central air conditioning units: how do they work?

A central air conditioning unit is made of two sections: an indoor coil that is installed within the house and a compressor-bearing section that is usually positioned outside the house.

Unlike a portable air conditioner, this cooling system is installed permanently. In addition, central air conditioning units are installed by professionals.

How a central air conditioning unit works

How does a central air conditioning unit cool air? This cooling system works by ensuring that warm air is pumped outside and replaced with cool air. When installed properly, a central air conditioning unit provides a room with the desired environment without producing disturbing sounds. A network of ducts connects different parts of the house thereby allowing the system to cool many rooms at the same time.

At the heart of this air cooling system is a compressor that circulates refrigerant throughout the house. The refrigerant gathers heat and removes it from your house. The system is also capable of removing excess moisture from your home.

In addition to cooling air and ensuring that the relative humidity is maintained within the desired levels, most central air conditioning units have filters.

These filters capture airborne particles to ensure that the air fed into your room is free from dust, insects, and other particles. Some units have sophisticated filters that are capable of removing minute airborne particles and disease causing microorganisms. Air filtration process ensures that the air in your room is not only cool but also clean.

Does the unit produce noise?

The compressor produces disturbing sound but it is located outside the house. This means that a central air conditioning unit produces less noise as compared to most portable air cooling systems.
Unlike a portable system, a central air cooling system requires a proper installation plan. Sometimes it is difficult to add this unit to an existing building especially if it was not designed to accommodate it.

This means that this unit can only be installed in houses that have a specific design. As such, it is important to consult a professional before purchasing this unit. In addition, after buying this unit, you will need an expert to install it.

If you are planning to boost the environment of your home by adding a central cooling system, now you know how it works and its installation requirements. It’s now up to you to decide whether you will install a central air conditioning unit or you will consider other options.

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