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Midea reputation and history

The logo of Midea

Midea is an electronic appliances giant that is was founded in 1968 in Guangdong, China.


The founder of the company, Xe Xingjian, played an important role in turning the company from a mere workshop for making bottle lids to a successful multinational private company operating over 200 subsidiaries in over 60 overseas branches. 


Beginning in the 1980s the company delved in the appliance market and started manufacturing electric fans and air conditioners. After seeing success with them, it decided to produce other products such as microwaves, refrigerators and washing machines, all which remain core components of Midea’s business today.


Currently, Midea has expanded to other areas such as HVAC systems, robotics and automation systems, and smart supply chains. 


The company currently has over 20 manufacturing plants and logistic centers employing over 135,000 workers. It also engages in joint ventures with various overseas companies such as the American air conditioner manufacturer, Carrier Corporation.


The company has had numerous other closely networked joint ventures with companies in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, and another one separately in India.

Midea products

Midea Air Conditioners

Midea makes both residential and commercial air conditioner solutions for domestic and business/industrial uses. Midea’s Ultimate Smart air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU, a photosensitive sensor and a Smart App remote control.

Its elegant design complements your house interiors and makes sure the appliance does not become an eyesore to your eyes. 


Domestic appliances include both split and portable version. You just have to look for one that suits your taste and budget. The portable ACs have a very low standby power of up to 0.5W.

Midea Space Heaters

If you are looking for reliable heating systems, Midea has a wide range of variety that ranges from conventional and panel heaters to oil-filled heaters.


These heaters are able to retain heat for a long time hence ideal for extended use. The NDK22-13C1 uses a built-in adjustable thermostat that helps prevent excess heat which helps lower the overall energy usage. 


The model has very little maintenance requirements as compared to many of its competitors. The presence or lack of ventilation does not affect its performance. The heater is also very durable if well maintained and can last years if not decades.


It is also very safe and is made to eliminate fire hazards in your house. Other great heaters by Midea include the NY2211-13D1 and the NY2513-13D.

Midea Fans

Midea offers some of the most advanced fans in the market that utilizes renowned Japanese motor technology to ensure safety and reliability.


The FS40-12HR model comes with one-touch comforter function and 8 hours programmed timer. This makes it very easy to use. Compared to other similar models in the market, it is very quiet. This is because it utilizes 5-fluid dynamics blade design that increases the air-flow while at the same time ensuring that noise does not increase as a result. 


All models come with a revolving button control, a stepless speed regulation operation panel that is easy to use.

Midea reviews

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