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Keystone manufacturers and distributes a wide array of air quality products.Β Its solutions are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and durability.

In order to provide its customers with best quality solutions, Keystone is committed to improving its products through research and innovation.Β The popularity of its air quality products is founded on the company’s commitment to deliver quality and high performance solutions.

Today, Keystone products are distributed to various parts of the world. Over the years, its products have evolved to the powerful air quality solutions that the company manufacturers today. Keystone’s products include air conditioners, dehumidifiers, fans, and air purifiers. In addition, they are available in various online stores such as Amazon and Home Depot.

Keystone products

Keystone Air Conditioners

Keystone produces air conditioners in a variety of capacities to enable its customers to get solutions that suit their cooling needs. The KSTAP14B is undoubtedly one of its most popular air conditioners.


To start with, the KSTAP14B is designed to deliver an impressive cooling capacity of 14,000 BTU.Β This high capacity makes it a suitable choice for large living rooms, bedrooms, offices, server rooms, et cetera.


In addition to cooling, this dehumidifier features a built-in dehumidifier. This dehumidifier is capable of drawing up to 72 pints of moisture from the air per day.


To enable you to adjust the environment of your room with ease, this air conditioner features an LCD remote control. In addition, the KSTAP14B features a programmable timer. <b>Keystone recommends this air conditioner for rooms that are up to 700 square feet.</b>

Keystone Dehumidifiers

Keystone produces a wide selection of dehumidifiers. These humidity control devices come in a variety of capacities. The KSTAD50B and the KSTAD70B are some of its best sellers.


To start with, the KSTAD50B is a portable dehumidifier that offers a capacity of 50 pints.Β This unit pulls excess moisture to make sure that your office, living room, bedroom, or kitchen has the desired relative humidity.


The KSTAD50B features intuitive user controls to allow you to adjust the relative humidity of your room with ease. Its 24-hour timer allows you to program it according to your dehumidification needs. Keystone recommends this dehumidifier for rooms that are up to 3000 square feet.


The KSTAD70B is designed to deliver a dehumidification capacity of 70 pints per day.Β This dehumidifier transforms the environment of your room to make sure that it is unsuitable for the growth of mold and mildew. It also helps to protect your possessions from rotting.


Although this dehumidifier comes with a reservoir, it is also designed to support continuous drain option. Keystone recommends this unit for spaces that are up to 4500 square feet.

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