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Hamilton Beach is US based company that manufactures and distributes household appliances as well as commercial restaurant equipment. The company mainly concentrates on markets in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It has its headquarters in Glen Allen, Virginia, US.


This company was founded in 1910 and was later sold in 1922 to Scovill Manufacturing, making its products to be sold under the brand name Hamilton Beach Scovill.


The company then went through a merger with another manufacturer of household appliance called Proctor Silex. The company’s appliances are manufactured by subcontractors based in China.


Some of the products under the Hamilton Beach brand include blenders, toasters, and air purifiers.

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Hamilton Beach Air Purifiers

Hamilton Beach has several models of air purifiers under their brand. These are model 04383 (Air Purifier), 04384 (Compact Pet Air Purifier), and 04386 (Compact Air Purifier). All the three models utilize HEPA filters and can capture up to 99% of air contaminants.


The TrueAir Compact Air Purifier is a powerful air purifier. Its capacity makes it a suitable choice for small spaces that are up to 160 square feet. This model can work either vertically or horizontally, an aspect that maximizes its versatility. Unlike some air purifiers, this unit is not optimized for use in a kitchens and garages.


The Compact Pet Air Purifier is specially designed to capture pet hairs and odors. The unit is recommended for spaces that measure up to 140 square feet. You can use this unit in your bedroom, office, or any other small space. Unlike most air purifiers, this unit can work either horizontally or vertically. Since this unit targets impurities coming from pets, it utilizes the zeolite technology which is recognized for its ability to eliminate pet odors.


The TrueAir Compact Air Purifier is designed to reduce allergens from the air in your room. The manufacturer recommends it for spaces that measure up to 160 square feet.


It can be used in a bedroom, office, or even a den. Just like other models, this unit can work in horizontal or vertical position. In addition, this unit does not produce disturbing sounds.


These three air purifiers have 3 fan speeds and do not consume excess power. They also have colors that easily blend with home decors and a design that appeals to a modern home. In case you are looking for a suitable air purifier for your small to medium space, then you should consider Hamilton Beach products.

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