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Duraflame Electric reputation and history

The logo of Duraflame Electric

Duraflame is a Twin-Star International brand that came into existence primarily to make revolutionary designs, have consistent unbeatable quality and to provide astounding customer service on both the business and consumer levels. Such commitments have enabled this great brand to reach the levels it has today.

Its appliances have been recognized and have received accolades for their latest technological advancement contribution to the industry– their product offerings are also constantly growing. This means they can only continue to provide innovative, forward-thinking designs for significant value – simplifying your life while satisfying all of your style needs.

Duraflame has shipped well over 1 million items to customers around the world. This crucial experience has enabled them to recognize that a consumer has a vast amount of comparisons when purchasing home furnishings, which at times makes choosing the right product difficult.

If you would want to pay them a visit, they are located at 1690 South Congress Ave – Suite 210 Delray Beach, Florida 33445.

Duraflame Electric products

Duraflame Electric Space Heaters

From electric stoves and log sets to portable space heaters, Duraflame will spoil you with choices. Need to heat up large areas in your room or simply just need a small space personal heater at your workplace? Well, Duraflame has all that for you.

Take for example its 1500-Watt Infrared Quartz Cabinet Electric Space Heater. This rich, Rose Cherry wood veneer should add enough supplemental zone warmth to over 1000 square feet of space producing 5,200 BTU of heat capacity. You can even set up an automatic timer that will let you decide how long the heater should run anywhere from 30 minutes to 9 hours. A control panel with a digital thermostat and remote control should help you regulate the temperature easily.

Other great heaters include the DFH-PH-7 personal heater that operates on 500W of power and has a DC fan motor and the DFH-TH-21-EOR ceramic tower heater.

Duraflame Electric reviews

Below you will find our reviews for the best air products by Duraflame Electric. Thank you for visiting the Air Geeks!

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