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Coway is a Korean company that was established in 1989.Β Since its inception, the company has been researching to develop innovative and top quality solutions. The company mainly focuses on health and wellbeing while designing and manufacturing its products. It specializes in a wide range of wellness appliances including water purifiers, air purifiers, kitchen appliances, and bathroom appliances.

Coway’s popularity is founded on the quality of its solutions. The impressive evolution of its products is as a result of the company’s commitment to research and innovation.Β Today, Coway has subsidiaries in different parts of the world including Thailand, China, USA, and Malaysia.Β Its Thailand subsidiary was established in 2003. Its China and Malaysia subsidiaries were opened in 2006. In 2007, the company established its subsidiary in Los Angeles, USA.

Today, Conway distributes products to different parts of the world. Its reputation of producing quality and innovative solutions enables it to enjoy a huge market base in Asia and North America.

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Coway Air Purifiers

Although Coway produces a variety of air purifiers, the AP-1512HH is undeniably one of its popular solutions. This air cleaning system is designed deliver exemplary performance.Β Apart from capturing airborne particles from the air in your room, the AP-1512HH also removes bad smell to ensure that your room has a truly comfortable environment.

The AP-1512HH utilizes a combination of highly effective mechanisms to ensure that the air released into your room is clean and fresh. To start with,Β this air purifier is based on the true HEPA filtration mechanism. This mechanism is capable of removing up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants.Β It effectively captures pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, spores, et cetera.

The AP-1512HH is specially designed to consume minimum power. Its air sensing mechanism monitors the level of air pollution to ensure that the fan runs only when there is need to clean the air. This makes this air purifier a suitable option for people who want to save money by cutting energy consumption.

To give you a real picture of the air in your room, the AP-1512HH features an air quality indicator.Β  Furthermore, it features an alert system that notifies you when the filters are worn out. You therefore don’t need to do guesswork when replacing old filters with new ones. Lastly, Coway recommends this air purifier for spaces that are up to 400 square feet.

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Coway – AP-1512HH : Air Purifier Review

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