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The blistering cold winter night without A/C, the unbearable afternoon weather during the summer, it’s during times like this that you’ll have to turn to Bovado family of fans and heaters and thank us later.

These appliances have been made to be reliable and affordable, so you will always find one that suits your needs and style. Their selection of space heaters uses different technologies to provide warmth exactly when you need it.

They have received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers and we think they are worth a try. These include heaters, fans, and other heat control appliances.

Bovado products

Bovado Space Heaters

Simplicity and functionality is an idea that persists on most of Bovado USA’s products and heaters exemplify this idea even more. This has enabled their products to last much longer and receive so many positive reviews from users across multiple e-commerce websites.

The Portable 166648 Ceramic Space Heater is a good example. A simple easy to use portable ceramic heater that is ideal for home and office use. This heater has only two dials on its control panel; one for the speed and fan setting and the other adjusts the intensity. The unwieldy compact and lightweight design makes it hard to ignore.

Alternatively, you can go for the Dish Parabolic Electric Heater that uses radiant heat to warm the room. Just like its sibling, it does not have a digital control panel rather than the two analog control knobs at its base.

Bovado Fans

Bovado manages to produce some pretty cool and functional fans. These range from the tower and clip-on fans to twin window versions.

Its 6-inch clip-on-fan is a perfect ideal fan for those who love to have to have some breeze during the summer or when they are working out. Its strong clamp enables it to have a firm grip on surfaces. It even has two fan speeds to enable whisper quiet rotary operations – all this for less than $15 sound a good deal.

Other fans manufactured by this company worth a mention include the twin window cooling fan that is electronically reversible. It also has a 3-speed function and remote control for convenience.

Bovado reviews

Below you will find our reviews for the best air products by Bovado. Thank you for visiting the Air Geeks!

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