Benuo reputation and history

The logo of Benuo

Benuo seems to have come to existence from during the second half of 2014 as a trademark name for Shenzhen Ruimaide Technology Co. Ltd. The parent is registered as a foreign entity with a physical address in Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China.

We don’t know much about the parent company other than it’s Chinese. However, a number of products associated with this company include Heating appliances, mobile accessories, lighting fixtures, and Electrical equipment.

Benuo products

Benuo Space Heaters

Benuo comes with some of the most portable and convenient to use heaters. And while they may not be used to heat entire rooms, they can be effective especially in public or workplaces where you may not have a say on what temperature is set on the AC.

Their new Mini Portable Mini Ceramic Heater is the ideal heater for personal spaces, especially during winter periods. It can effectively keep you warm without affecting other people around you. The good thing is that it does even require that much power.

With only a 500W power source, the heater is ready for use. Also, its advanced safety features ensure you and your desk is protected from fire hazards. Tip-off detection and overheat protection features ensure that the appliance is automatically switched off to prevent those risks

Benuo reviews

Below you will find our reviews for the best air products by Benuo. Thank you for visiting the Air Geeks!

Benuo – 950W Portable Electric: Space Heater