Boneco – U7146 Travel: Humidifier Review

Humidifiers have proved to be the better alternative over over-the-counter drugs for colds and flu. This is because they not only do it effectively but also offer additional benefits to counter the harsh dry air effects. This could be an allergy, pet dander, dry lips/skins, bloody/irritating nose among others.

While you would have one in your house or office, it would be almost impossible to move with it especially during travel or vacation. It is therefore wise to have a small portable humidifier you can put in your bag and carry it from one arid environment to another.

We have done some digging for you and found this incredible travel identifier that is the Boneco โ€“1746 travel humidifier for your next vacation. Let’s jump straight up to it features and perks so you can see what it’s all about.

Description of the U7146 Travel by Boneco

Boneco-7146 is a lightweight portable humidifier that uses external water bottles to humidify the air. It is compatible with most conventional water bottles. This is made possible by its bottle-mouth adapter that enables the humidifier to be used with different types of bottles of up to 0.5 liters.

This means that you can use it with your regular Dasani or Coke bottle. Once finished with the bottle, just fill some water and you are good to go! Humidifiers with their own water tanks tend to be heavier than those that use external water sources.ย ย 

In terms of portability, the humidifier is very light-weight. At only 1.3 pounds (half a kilo) without the water bottle, it means you can carry it wherever you wish in your handbag. Its small size means it does not take big real estate on surfaces it is placed on.ย ย 

This humidifier uses ultrasonic technology to produce micro-droplets in form of a mist. These types of humidifiers have a high output compared to their counterparts and thus it is important to make sure they are placed 3ft off the floor and pointed to an open space to avoid the water accumulating and going back to the humidifier instead of producing the mist.ย ย 

On the noise factor, the humidifier manages to do its job while making sure the noise is non-disruptive. The gurgles, drips, and gups are almost inaudible and can be a good source of white noise although it is different with different people. It can then be placed on the bed next to the bed lamp and it will not disturb you. The red and blue lights act as notification lights. The blue right will signify the appliance is operating correctly, while the red light will light up when the water level is low. However, they are bright enough to be annoying to some people as opposed to being soothing as they are intended for.ย ย 

There is a variable output knob control that enables you to control the rate of humidification which can also affect the noise level. It also has an automatic shut off feature that puts off the device once the water is depleted.ย ย 

An international AC adapter is included that enables users with a different socket to plug the device without any difficulty in fitting in the outlet.ย 

The design is compact and elegant. It has two โ€˜legsโ€™ that can be folded out to ensure stability.ย ย 

Boneco-7146 comes with a travel bag so you can tuck it in and carry it wherever. In the package, you can expect to find the humidifier,ย EZCalย Cleaner andย Descalerย (A7417) with three individual packets for cleaning, and an interchangeable white opaque nozzle that offers users the ability to run the humidifier without the notification lights.ย 

Technical Specs

Type of Humidification
Type of Mist
Room Coverage
Tank Capacity
Humidification Performance
Water Low Indicator
Automatic Shut-Off
Maintenance Reminders
Display Dimmer
Power Supply
Accessories Included
Price (in USD)


  • Exchangeable plugs: in case the plug is different for what is used in your country you can use the different plug that fits without a problem.
  • Can work with regular water bottles: The bottle nozzle adapter enables the humidifier to work with different types of standard bottles.


  • Too bright lights: If you donโ€™t have the opaque nozzle the lights can seem to be a little nuisance for some people.
  • No warm mist option: Since the humidifier doesnโ€™t have a heating element, you canโ€™t choose to have a warm mist and you are thus stuck to cool mist.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comI've used this product for years. It works great. keeps my personal space from being too dry when I sleep without getting everything damp. It has a variable output that works. Use a little vinegar/water mixture to keep it clean. I use the black carrying case over the water bottle to reduce the blue light at night. A good plastic bottle is getting harder to find. The very thin-walled water bottles just don't work as well. If you find good bottles, hold on to a few of them. These work well enough that I keep buying them. A couple for home, one for the office, one for a travel trailer. "

Users quotes on Amazon.comI bought this humidifier because I'm a flight attendant and I spend 2-3 nights per week in hotels. I usually have my room fan on "high" to cover up hotel noises, so it really dries out my room, which in turns dries me up! So, when I saw this travel humidifier, I ordered it right up. It has turned out to be a great purchase. It's lightweight, quiet, compact and It came with a great drawstring bag. I set it up on my nightstand and it really puts out a good amount of moisture. I would have given it 5 stars but there are 2 things that could be improved. First is the pretty blue light it has when it's's way too bright. In fact, I'm going to see if I can disable the light somehow. Also, the on/off button, which is also the button to adjust the volume of vapor, is small and smooth, and difficult to turn. It would work better if it were knurled. "

Conclusion: U7146 Travel by Boneco

If you are looking to enjoy good quality air not only in your home or office but also during travel, I would recommend thisย Boneco- 7146 travel humidifier. Though it has its drawbacks, its perks outweigh them by a huge margin. The humidifier has a larger capacity than other humidifiers and lasts longer.ย ย 

Although at $50 for a travel humidifier might be a deal breaker for some buyers, the humidifier is worth every dollar. This has been proven through the numerous online positive reviews on sites like Amazon and Walmart so you can be sure itโ€™s a quality product.

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