Best Window Air Conditioner for Sliding Windows

Not every air conditioner is going to fit into a sliding window. This is why you will need to be extra cautious when shopping for one to prevent avoidable modification to the window.

β†’ The Best Window Air Conditioner for Sliding Windows πŸ† according to The Air Geeks:

    ⬇️ The Best Window Air Conditioner for Sliding Windows

    For The Air Geeks, the best Window Air Conditioner for Sliding Windows is the model 5000 BTU by the brand HomeLabs.
    (See our test of the HomeLabs - 5000 BTU)

    Why? As a quick recap, here's the main thing we love about it:
    • Complete Startup kit: hOmeLabs has ensured you won't have to purchase any tool to mount the unit securely on the window.
    • β†’

    A very useful element that will easily be installed into sliding windows.

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Frequently asked questions about the Best Window Air Conditioner for Sliding Windows

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a sliding window air conditioner?

They do have some advantages over the standard window units as they come precut with inserts and fasteners, therefore, fastening the unit to the window frame becomes an easy job. You also don’t have to purchase styrofoams or plexiglass to seal open spaces.

However, you need to consider some aspects before buying a sliding window air conditioner. The amount of space the sliding window can provide is very important as you need to buy a unit that is going to fit the window dimensions.

A window air conditioner in a sliding window

How to install a window air conditioner with sliding windows?

Some windows slide vertically while others slide horizontally, you will need to take all this into account and take accurate measurements before you purchase one for yourself. Other units are very heavy and would require you provide external support preferably on the outside which could prove difficult especially if you live in a multi-story building.

You can also counter the effect of the weight of sliding units by purchasing two smaller units as opposed to one huge unit.

Installing a sliding window air conditioner is very easy and quick. Make sure you have a screwdriver, support bracket, level, screws, waterproof sealant, and a weather stripping foam to make the process even quicker.

Before you can go ahead and start installing the window unit, ensure it has a stable base to hold the unit. The window should also be easily accessible to the power outlet. Replace the base if it is cracked or swinging as the sheer weight of some units could break the base and cause injuries to the occupants or passersby.

Next, install the brackets such that they are well leveled. A simple spirit level can help with that. Fasten the screws until the brackets are stable and firm.

You can now place the unit on the brackets and slide it into place. If everything looks O.K, close the gaps between the unit and the window frame by pulling the side extensions.

You can use the removable caulk to the point where the frame meets the air conditioner so that the edges can be sealed properly to avoid leakages.