Best Air Purifier for Smoke

What are the elements that make a best Air Purifier for Smoke?

Smoke has to be one of the hardest smells to ever get rid of. House of smokers can smell that cold cigarette smells for months or years even after they stop smoking.

Eliminating smoke smells is a first step towards health

Eliminating smoke smells is a first step towards health

But the main advantage of air purifiers for smoke is that they manage to get rid of residual smoke while it is still in the air, therefore reducing the likelihood that any person, smoker or non-smoker, breathes residual smoke from cigarette, weed or plant smoke.

The chief benefit of air purifiers for smoke is therefore health, while a second, non-negligible benefit is a clean, fresh apartment or house.

So if you ever move in the house of someone who was a smoker, or that you are yourself a smoker but want to reduce residual smoke particles and odors, for everyone else in the house, you need an air purifier for smoke that:

  • Performs particularly well. The first objective is to have the smell and the particles removed from the atmosphere. The best air purifier for smoke has to perform significantly well, fast, to remove particles and odors
  • Remains discreet. Both stylish and silent : that is the key towards a best air purifier for smoke because it will discretely blend in your interior. Silence is very important : no one wants to notice the unit!

Air Purifier for Smoke: Frequently Asked Questions

Will an air purifier for smoke cure my breathing problems or asthma?

The answer is no. But on the bright side, having a good air purifier for smoke reduces the chances of developing complications related to both second-hand and third-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke is the smoke exposed to non-smokers when they are in the same environment with active smokers.

Research indicates that this type of smoke contains more toxins as compared to those that the smokers are exposed to. Third-hand is that smoke that remains after a cigarette has been extinguished and may build on the clothes of the user, carpet or soft furnishings in the house.

An air purifier reduces your exposure to harmful toxins which can lead to irritation of the eyes, lung complications, and asthma.

After how long should I replace the filters of my air purifier for smoke?

In most cases, the manufacturer provides guidance on the replacement of filters on the user’s guide. Most air purifiers have a washable pre-filter and a HEPA filter.

Air purifier from Coway!

Air purifier from Coway!

The durability of these two types of filters varies and in most cases they are replaced at different times. For HEPA filters, it is advisable to replace them after six to eight months of use. For the washable filters, you should stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How much will it cost me to operate an air purifier for smoke?

The cost of operating this appliance will depend on factors such as the purchase price, the price of filters, frequency of filter replacement and energy consumption. It is advisable to check the price of the filters used by an air purifier before purchasing it.

By comparing different units and the cost of buying their air filters, you will be able to select a unit that is budget friendly. The air purifiers that consume less electricity have high efficiency and they are the most suitable appliances for both domestic and commercial use.

If I open the windows while the air purifier is running, are there any effects on its efficiency?

There is no harm in opening windows while the unit is operating. In fact, is desirable as it allows fresh air to circulate freely within your house.

The only exceptions are when the smoke is coming from the external environment or when it is raining, windy or snowy. Such conditions may adversely affect your fixtures and fittings.

How much noise does an air purifier for smoke produce?

Most air purification units produce sound. The amount mainly depends on the level of operation, model, and size of the appliance. In most cases, the air purifier will have multiple speeds, and you are at free to choose the one that suits you best. Operating an air purifier for smoke at higher speeds produces more noise as compared to running it at lower speeds.

As smokers know, rugs are particularly good at smelling of smoke

As smokers know, rugs are particularly good at smelling of smoke

You can start it at a higher speed for quick cleaning then adjust to medium or lower speed after the desired results have been achieved. Some models offer β€˜Silent mode’. This mode is mostly used when the unit is placed in a space that demands quietness. In case you are looking for an air purifier for your bedroom, then you should go for a whisper silent unit.

Which factors play a role in the best air purifier for smoke?

Although different manufacturers offer different models of air purifiers, it is worth noting that all are same operation-wise irrespective of the producer. What differentiates the units is the type of filter used and the quality of the product.

A combination of pre-filters and carbonated filters is ideal for efficient purification of air contaminated by smoke. The pre-filters trap large particles while the activated carbon filters capture smaller smoke particles.

Where should I place my air purifier for smoke?

The position will depend on the setting of your house and the amount of smoke in your room(s). To realize the full benefits of an air purifier for smoke, you should place the unit near the smoke source. The primary sources are the kitchen and a family member who is a smoker.

Also, ensure that you do not place your unit near the wall as that will affect its performance. Keeping it several feet away from the wall ensures that there is enough circulation of air in the room.

Will the air purifier for smoke clean the whole house?

The ability of an air purifier to eliminate smoke from your house will depend on many factors including the size of your room and its capacity. Another major determinant is the concentration of smoke in your house or the room that you need to purify.

Having a portable air purifier for smoke is desirable because you can move it from one room to another. A mobile unit is also cheaper as compared to permanent units that are usually fitted at strategic points.

How will I know that the air purifier is functioning optimally?

If your bedroom or living room is no longer dominated by smoke like it used to, then that is an indicator that your air purifier for smoke is delivering the expected performance. The unit will also help you to sleep better a few days after installing it.

A stylish and compact option

A stylish and compact option

What causes the performance of the unit to go down? The effectiveness of an air purifier can reduce if the unit is not serviced on regular basis. The unit can also fail to deliver the expected optimal performance if it is using old filters. Cleaning filters on regular basis will help to prevent contamination of air by your unit.

What are the side effects of using an air purifier for smoke?

There are no side effects that have been documented so far for using air purifiers for smoke. However, in limited cases, some types of air purifiers have been reported to produce ozone as a by-product.

Such by-products are emitted by air purifiers that use ions to capture dust particles. As long as you use carbonated and HEPA filters, then there are no side effects to worry about.

What is the best Air Purifier for Smoke?

When all is said and done, our tests clearly indicate a winner in the field of air purifiers for smoke.

The excellent Austin Healthmate

The excellent Austin Healthmate

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