Best Air Purifier for Babies

Most air purifiers are good for babies. But how you use them is what affect your newborn. As you know, small babies’ lungs are young and developing.

It makes sense to ensure that the air they breathe is good clean and free of dust, mold, and pollen which could be carrying bacteria that could affect their respiratory tracts.

But it also makes sense that an air purifier you would put in baby’s room should be as silent as possible, even if a little “Hmm” might help them sleep.

Here’s our stance on the best air purifiers for babies.

β†’ The Best Air Purifier for Babies πŸ† according to The Air Geeks:

    The Best air purifier for babies

    For The Air Geeks, the best air purifier for babies is the model BreatheSmart by the brand Alen.
    (See our test of the Alen - BreatheSmart)

    Why? As a quick recap, here's the main thing we love about it:
    • Quiet operation. We noted that this air purifier is quieter than most units in the market. In the low speed setting, the unit runs quietly and it can be used in quiet places without creating disturbances. However, the unit is audible when it is in the highest speed setting.
    • Personalized experience. The BreatheSmart comes in different colors and offers different filters to meet the unique preferences of different users.
    • β†’

    This excellent unit from a recognized brand is powerful enough while being of of the most silent model in its “low” mode. A win!

    Our rating:


Frequently asked questions about the Best Air Purifier for Babies

What is the safest I can be with a newborn/an infant? What about with a toddler?

Understanding how air purifiers work might help you know why they are important. These devices are designed to suck in air from the surrounding environment and free it of particles such as dust, smoke, pollen, mold, among others. If your purifier has a HEPA filter, it considerably makes the air purifier much more efficient since it helps remove 99.9% of these particles, including most bacteria in the air.

Ensuring your child is protected from these hazardous particles is the safest you can be with a newborn/an infant. You should also take responsibility to ensure you don’t inadvertently expose harmful gases such as smoke from cigarettes. Getting rid of stuff that may trap dust and dander such as fluffy carpets may also help to a great deal.

Will an air purifier help my child with allergies/asthma?

An air purifier will definitely help your child with allergies or asthma. Most of these particles and bacteria will cause inflammation and constrictions and this will inhibit their ability to breathe.

If you find yourself having to rush for the breathalyzer now and then, chances are your indoor air is not clean. Studies have shown that contrary to popular belief, indoor environments are harbor more hazardous gases than the outside. An air purifier, when supplemented with a humidifier, should help make the environment conducive and safe for you and your child.

Allergies have also been known to be aggravated by polluted air. When this air especially has dander and or pollen, it could aggravate their conditions, something that could be avoided by purchasing an air purifier.

Caution should, however, be taken as some air purifiers may not be effective with your kid’s kind of allergy. Take time to research what type of allergens it gets rid of before buying it. Some of them are even known to produce ozone gas which, although in small quantities, has been known to trigger asthma conditions in some people.

Brands such as HoneyWell, Levoit, GermGuardian, and Coway have been known to produce good air purifiers and you can always get a perfect one for yourself.

Can I use air purifiers in a baby nursery?

Yes, you should.

All points discussed above should enough for you to realize the important role air purifiers play in ensuring the indoor air is clean and why you need to use them in the babies nursery. If you do this, you should begin to see most of the health problems discussed above begin to decrease.

Just ensure your choice of the air purifier is free of ozone, which is a known irritant that may cause more problems instead of solving them. Clean indoor air doesn’t mean it has to be noisy, there are many models of air purifiers with quieter fans that will not only make your kids’ life free of most of the health problems but also make it happier.