For what surface are air purifiers for medium spaces recommended?

Your air purifiers for \”small spaces\” are suitable for areas roughly between 200 sq. ft. and 350 sq. ft. This can include:

  • Rooms in your house or apartment : the priority ? The bedrooms of the children, and the home office
  • Children bedroom : children will be more sensitive to a change in the quality of their air. Make sure it benefits them!
  • And all of the rest : rooms where you smoke, where yours pets live, etc.

What can I expect to pay for an air purifier with a small capacity?


Prices in that category ranges from a low $100 to a high $200 for an excellent solution to clean your small interior air.

Below you will find a list of air purifiers review. These are units that we carefully tested in order for you to make the best possible choice on the market of small space air purifiers!

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