For what surface are air purifiers for large spaces recommended?

Well air Purifiers for \”large spaces\” are suitable for areas roughly between 500 sq. ft. and 800 sq. ft. This can include:

  • Small apartments : a cleaner air is important, especially for those who smoke or have pets!
  • Entire floors in small houses : if your house hosts small children, there is a good chance they will benefit from a cleaner air. Place it on the floor where everyone sleeps!
  • Offices / Home offices : staying all day in the same space can be tough. Breathing a clean air 6-8 hours a day is a solid step to a better health
  • And all of the rest : small studios, large living rooms, large bedrooms, etc.

What can I expect to pay for an air purifier with a large capacity?


Prices in that category ranges from a low $250 to a high $400 for an excellent solution to clean your interior air.

Below you will find a list of air purifiers review. These are units that we carefully tested in order for you to make the best possible choice on the market of large space air purifiers!

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