Vornado – MVH Whole Room Vortex Heater: Space Heater

While shopping for the perfect heater for your house, you might have come across Vornado MVH whole room vortex-heater – and that may have led you here. It boasts the use of special air circulation technology known as vortex technology that ensures even air circulation across the room. 

We are going to dig deep on these and other features and see how it fairs as compared to similarly priced competitors. Some of the features we are going to look at include noise level, energy efficiency, safety features, heating capacity, thermostat and heating control, and othes specific to this space heater.

Description of the MVH Whole Room Vortex Heater by Vornado

This heater has 3 different setting levels to help you tailor heat output and energy consumptions according to your preference. The high setting has an output of 1500 Watts, with the middle and low setting having 1125 Watts and 750 Watts respectively. Generally, 15 Watts of energy can cover a 1-meter square space. A high setting would cover a roughly 150-meter square – though this is just a general rule of thumb and might vary according to the nature of your room. 

The lower setting is the quietest. The higher setting is also not egregiously loud and you won’t have to raise your voice over the heater to be heard which can be unpleasant. We, however, don’t recommend you to use this setting while asleep as it can be a bother to some people. The noise produced is a hum, which can be a good source of white noise. There are no clicks or erratic noise, just a soft, fan-like whirl. 

Vornado uses vortex flow to circulate the air evenly across the room. Its reliance on solely convection currents might result in warms and cold spots in different regions in the room. Generally, convection currents are not strong enough to prevent hot air from rising to the ceiling, though this forced vortex flow ensures air is driven much farther and is distributed evenly preventing localized air circulation. 

The exterior of this machine manages to stay relatively cool even after long hours of operation. Both the housing and the grills are touch-safe therefore you won’t need to be concerned about your safety when handling this appliance. As a common consensus, any model that is 160 F and above should be avoided especially if you have kids. 

Another safety feature that comes with this appliance is the overheating protection through an automatic shut off system that protects the appliance from overheating. This is an important feature while buying any space heater because it can save lives in case there is an overload or power surge in the lines. 

It also has a tip-over kill-switch which automatically shuts down the appliance in case it topples and falls over. This can prevent fire accidents in case the grill falls on the carpet or flammable object. The intense heat from the appliance can also damage plastics and other objects. 

There is a thermostat and a 3-level heat setting on the control panel. These are configured using two analog knobs placed conveniently at the top. The look is straightforward and durable but it does not appear to be as high end as digital displays. You also cannot determine the exact temperature you want to set as the knobs are level-based. This is one of the few heaters with a middle-level setting as most on the market have only the high and the low setting. Vornado MVH does not have a fan-only mode. 

This heater is not the most attractive on the market and if you like to go for the look rather than the performance, you would be better looking for another model. That does not mean it is also ugly though and would come out better than most competitors on the market. 

This model is backed with a 5-year warranty which is far better than in similar options, most of which have a maximum of 3 years.

Technical Specs

ModelMVH Whole Room Vortex
TypeElectric Ceramic
Power SourceMax 1500W
Heating levels3 heat settings (750W, 1125W, 1500W)
Fan ForcesYes
Features-Vortex air circulation technology
- Heat Setting: Select from Low (I), Medium (II) or High (III) heat.
- Thermostat: Allows you to select your desired heat setting.
Safety features-Safety tip-over switch with auto shut-off, Overheat protection
Weight3.86 lbs
Dimensions9.2 x 10.4 x 10.6 in
Accessories Included-
Price (in USD)$59.99


  • Distribute air more evenly:The vortex technology is very effective in distributing the air.
  • Can run continuously: This heater is able to operate for long hours without overheating.


  • No caster wheels: This might be a turn off to some people especially those who don't fancy lifting appliances.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comI've had a number of small Vornado heaters and fans over the years. This little sucker may be the best. Quiet. We live in a cold house so I bought 2 more. No regrets of far. UPDATE! For the first time one of these units died on me (after about 6 months). I called the number listed in the warranty info at the bottom of the Amazon product page. They swiftly told me what to do (take a picture of the serial number on the bottom and a pic of the heater & cord cut about 2" away from the unit), email that to them and they'd send a replacement. Very easy! Sending them the info later today. if I have ANY problems with the replacement or the process I will update this."

Users quotes on Amazon.comWe purchased this for our older daughter's bedroom, and love it. The three wattage levels allow a very low setting if sharing a circuit with other high-draw devices. We have two of the Vornado digital nursery heaters for our younger children, and now wish we purchased this model for all of the rooms. The tilt switch works well, and this analog model automatically picks up where it left off as soon as it levels again (or after any temporary loss of power). The digital versions don't turn back on after a cut in power or activating the tip switch, and when they are turned back on, they reset their default thermostat settings (75*F)."

Conclusion: MVH Whole Room Vortex Heater by Vornado

Our recommendations, which have taken into account our views and those of different users who have used the item is that Vornado MVH can do better than this. There has to be a fan-only mode for any heater considering its price (cheaper alternatives have this feature). The design can also be improved to ensure it is not an eye-sore as it is most likely to be placed on open spaces like the living room and kitchen. 

Overall, this model is fairly priced and works well as it is designed to. If you found this to be what you have been looking for, don’t hesitate to go for it.

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