Venta – LW45: Humidifier Review

It is only in our millennial generation where you can raise the humidity level in your house or office and at the same time eliminating impurities in the air.Β  You no longer have to suffer extremely from that allergic and asthmatic condition. You just need to grab VENTA LW45 Airwasher and say goodbye to unnecessary congestion.

This humidifier has been proven for years to be excellent when it comes to purifying and humidifying the air. Having some dry air and pollutants in your little room could be the major culprits when it comes to causing discomforts and illnesses. You can boost the work done by your immune system by simply incorporating this humidifier into your to-do list.

Let’s get deeper to know more about this humidifier.

Description of the LW45 by Venta

Now you can kill two birds with only one stone in the name of VENTA LW45 Airwasher which is specifically designed to humidify and to get rid of various airborne pollutants. Having been made by a reputable manufacturer across the globe, this appliance will create a serene habitat for you, your family, and pets. Its price is also cheap compared to the great services that it does in your house.

There are various technical specifications that make this product outstanding as it is. This 2 in 1 product can comfortably handle an area of 800 square feet if well positioned in the room. That means your dry room will be humidified and consequently remove dust, pollen, pet dander, and other various allergens.

The beauty with this humidifier is that you will not need any filter or other replacement so as to function appropriately simply because water is the filter. Unlike other humidifiers, VENTA LW45 Airwasher doesn’t expel white dust when operating. This is because of the technology it uses known as Cold Evaporation.

It comes fitted with auto shut-off and an indicator in case the water level is going down. The total tank capacity is 3-gallon capacity. That means you will not have backaches because of refilling several times. Depending on the sped you have set, this appliance consumes less amount of energy with the minimum being 3 watts, an average of 5 watts and a maximum of 8 watts. So no more worries on the energy consumption because it’s very efficient.

The product offers great service for long that’s why it comes with a 10-year warranty. Although this humidifier is not fitted with humidity sensors, temperature sensors, and WiFi enablement; its sound levels are easily maintained silent hence giving you a great time even in your bedroom where the minimum sound is 22 dB, the average is 35dB and 45dB being the maximum level.

VENTA Airwasher LW45 measures 17.7 inches in length by 11.8 inches in width by 13 inches in Height. It has a potable weight of 13 pounds. In this relatively lightweight unit, you will enjoy both the evaporative humidifier and air purifier all in one without using any filter.

Technical Specs

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Type of HumidificationCool Mist Evaporative
Type of MistCool
Room Coverage800 sq.ft.
Tank Capacity3 gallons
Humidification Performance9 gallons for 24 hours
Water Low IndicatorYes
Automatic Shut-OffYes
Maintenance Reminders-
Display DimmerNo
Power Supply8W
Weight13 pounds
Dimensions17.7x11.8x13 inches
Accessories Included-
Price (in USD)320.26


  • Functionality: It is very efficient and effective in making your room humid and purified
  • Operation: It is very queit even when the speed has been put into maximum level, remains clean and forms no mold in the inside
  • Cleaning: It is very easy to clean the whole appliance


  • Price: Quite expensive compared to the other filtered brands
  • Maintenance: the price of its maintenance is quite high

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comPro: Actually it works! I see water in the tank disappears in 1-2 days and I also see a lot of dust + hairs in the tank, which means this unit, does its work. Just no way to see mist or how clean the air is since no way to identify the air cleanness. But for sure it works! Con: Too expensive!! $300 for this simple German mechanic system means the major portion of the price accounts for Loyalty + Motor. Even maintenance is very pricey! I didn't return mainly because this unit is also quiet when the slowest fan speed was selected - almost not sense the noise. "

Users quotes on Amazon.com60+ years of experience says Ventas is the best humidifiers I have been using humidifiers for over 60 years. I have a medical condition -- if I don't use humidifiers I get infections. It's that simple. So I use them faithfully. Overall these years, I have tried every kind of humidifier there is. The reality is that any machine that uses water the way a humidifier does takes some upkeep. When we had a house, we had a furnace humidifier -- the best money could buy. It was ineffective. So now I just rely on the Ventas. I prefer the smaller size as they are easier to handle overall. For about 1400-1500 square feet, I now have 5, though most folks could do with fewer I think. But the Venta air washers I have (started using in 2007) have been by far and away the best humidifiers and the easiest to maintain. They are clean, quiet, don't create mold or white dust, keep and your inside air much healthier. I have not been using them in the summer and the difference in the dirt on my furnace filter when I do not use them is significant. I rinse them out every 2 weeks and use the water additive. My thanks to the other Amazon reviewer who pointed out that the LW14 and 15 require only 1.75oz of additive -- not the 3.5 oz marked on the additive bottle. Once or twice a year, I clean them more thoroughly, first running them for a couple of hours with a mix of 3 cups white vinegar and 10 cups water. I take the fan out and clean the blades and clean the rest as best I can. There have been times I need to send them in for repair -- usually that loud squeaky noise they sometimes make. I suspect if you are handy you could fix them yourselves. In short, I highly recommend them. No humidifier is perfect, but these Ventas are absolutely the best I've found in 60+ years. Update: February 2018. I had been getting bad spring/summer colds each year so in 2017, I kept the Venta in my bedroom going all year, rather than just the winter months. No colds, no infections. These really work! "

Conclusion: LW45 by Venta

The VENTA LW45 Airwasher is very easy when it comes to cleaning and consequently, the level of hygiene this humidifier enhances will put to a halt some common allergic diseases, chapped lips, headaches congestion, and common dry lips.

Whether you are looking for a white or black humidifier that matches your house design, this awesome appliance got you covered.

Though some people complain of it being expensive, VENTA LW45 Airwasher is worth your money. The level of service it will offer you is far much more compared to the few hundred dollars that you will pay for it. It is one of the best humidifiers in the market and you should not wait until they become extinct without trying it out. Get yours today.

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