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Surround Air – XJ-3800 : Air Purifier Review

If you are looking for a features-rich air purifier that combines various filtration mechanisms, then you should consider the XJ-3800.

This air purifier captures various airborne particles to ensure that your room has clean air. In addition, it destroys various disease causing microorganisms to ensure that your family is protected from airborne illnesses.

Are you planning to buy this unit for your home or office? In case you are intending to purchase this unit, we are sure that you are looking for reliable and unbiased information to help you make a wise decision.If that is the reason why you are here on The Air Geeks website, then you are in the right place because we have compiled all the information that you are looking for. To start with, we will explore the features of this air purifier before we move to its merits and demerits.

Description of the XJ-3800 by Surround Air

To begin with, the XJ-3800 utilizes various filtration technologies to ensure that your house is free from all common airborne pollutants. It features a HEPA filter, pre-filter, activated carbon filter, ionizer, germicidal UV lamp, and an electronic dust collection grid.

This unit takes air through these filtration mechanisms to ensure that it is clean and fresh before it is released to your room. It is this combination of reputable air purification technologies that makes this air purifier a top-rated product.

The representation of filters

The representation of filters

How does this combination of filtration mechanisms work? To start with, the dust collection grid is electrostatically charged to capture airborne particles like a magnet. The HEPA filter captures allergens, dust and other airborne particles.

Gases, odors, and chemical smells are trapped by the activated carbon filter before they find their way into your nostrils. The Germicidal UV lamp of the XJ-3800 kills airborne disease causing microorganisms to ensure that your family is protected from flu, common colds, and other airborne illnesses.

The XJ-3800 uses smart sensors to monitor and display the conditions of your room. It utilizes dust, odor, and allergen sensors to let the user know the exact air pollutant detected in a room. Whether it detects chemicals, cigarette smoke, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, or pollen, the XJ-3800 will let you know the pollutant in your room. You don’t have to guess.

In addition, its diagnostic sensors notify the user when to replace filters with new ones and when to clean the dust collector. Furthermore, the XJ-3800 uses sensors to ensure that electricity usage is minimized. However, from our research, we noted that this unit consumes more electricity than most air purifiers of same or higher capacity.

If you are looking for a quiet air purifier, the XJ-3800 offers the quiet setting to allow you to enjoy clean and fresh air in a noise-free environment. This setting offers nearly silent operation and it is suitable for places that demand quietness such as bedrooms.

Technical Specs

Filter TypeHEPA/Ionizer/UV Light
Air Flow CFM0.3 microns
Maker-recommended Room Size500 sq. ft
Noise levelQuiet (20), Low (35), Medium (45), High (52)
Energy star-rated NO
Power (in W)80 Watts (Highest Fan Setting)
Remote control ? Y/N0
Dimensions14 x 10 x 24 inches
Weight21 pounds
Maker (brand)Surround Air (XJ-3800)
Warranty3-Year Limited Warranty
Link to ManualHere


  • Effective air purification. This unit effectively removes different air pollutants to ensure that your room is free from pet dander, pollen, odors, allergens, et cetera.
  • Quiet operation. The unit offers the quiet setting to enable users to enjoy clean and fresh air in a quiet environment. Even in other modes, we noted that this air purifier is quieter than most units of same capacity.


  • Fragile parts. We have observed that this unit is made up of some fragile parts. You therefore have to be careful when taking the unit apart.
  • Sensor fails to detect some sources of bad smell. Although the sensor detects smells from soaps, shampoo, air freshener, cooking, and so on, it fails to sense bad smell from some sources such as trash cans.
  • Difficult to clean. It is not easy to clean this unit. You have to be a pro in taking appliances apart.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comIt's bigger than it looks in the pictures: Stands about thigh-high. This put me off at first...but then I plugged it in. First impression: It's not doing anything. After two days: I want to have it's babies. I have allergies...miserable miserable allergies, and I just moved back to maryland during the worst allergy season I've seen in years. To a house with three smokers. And Two Dogs. And Two Cats. This house has clutter (re: dust) and mold and four plants in the livingroom and old carpets. It has old furniture and crummy filters but it DOES have ceiling fans! This house is allergy hell. and this purifier?...Ah...I swear I can breathe again. It cleans up the air (auto setting rocks!) of the entire 500 sq/ft first floor from *awful* to *clear* in roughly 20 minutes, and if it's running constantly, it never gets intolerable. In fact, it barely ever gets to worse than "do you smell something?" for more than a minute or two, even if there has been cooking and smoking and the dogs were in the rain. Even if it only lasted 6 months before it totally broke down, it would be worth the price to pay every six months to get another one. I am in love. Make more of these. Buy it. Buy ten and give them to your friends. Send this link to anyone with allergies. Or gas."

Users quotes on Amazon.comI've had two of them for 2-3 years now. I can say it's one of the best. It cleans well -- everything as far as I can tell -- and stays quiet except when it kicks into high, if there's a burst of dust (or odor I suppose). Filters are easy to clean, and reasonably priced for replacement. I have a top of the line Blueair for allergens. If I do serious experimentation with efficacy of various air cleaners, I'm afraid I'd die from allergy before finishing. So I can't attest to the efficacy of this unit in HEPA. I had, however, tried a bunch of low-end filters with supposed HEPA before and they did nothing."

Conclusion: XJ-3800 by Surround Air

In case you are looking for a multi-purpose air purifier that can remove a variety of air pollutants, then you should consider the XJ-3800. This air purifier combines various filtration mechanisms to ensure that your room is free from dust, pollen, pet dander, odors, and allergens. In addition, this air purifier is quieter than most air purifiers in the market.

Despite the impressive features offered by this unit, we noted that it has some fragile parts. You therefore have to be careful when taking it apart. Unfortunately, to clean this air purifier, you have to take it apart. If you are not bothered by these weaknesses, then you can proceed and buy the XJ-3800 for your air purification needs. Thanks for reading our review!

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