PureGuardian – H8000B: Humidifier Review

Whether during the day or at night a friendly atmosphere is not something one just desires but an inevitable necessity. This does not only give you the right mood and attitude but also the zeal to work and a big motivation to achieve your dream.

While this is the kind of weather we want to operate in all day long, this is not always the case and more often the expected the weather may just take a paradigm shift from the best to the worst without a warning.

To be on the safe side from such uncalled for situations, it is important to be armed with a humidifier, which is able to magically transform the uncomfortably dry air to a refreshing cool environment with PureGuardian H8000B humidifier.

Description of the H8000B by PureGuardian

The PureGuardian H8000B is a small-sized humidifier designed using the Smart Mist Technology which ensures that your room is humidified the smart way. This 120-hour ultrasonic humidifier is fitted with a 2-gallon water holder which is able to maintain either warm or cool room humidity automatically, depending on the selected option, in an ideal manner.

On reaching the selected desirable humidity (which can range between 40-75%), the humidifier automatically turns itself off to maintain that humidity setting using its smart sensor, and the humidity level remains displayed on the humidifier’s setting display.

The humidifier has a low water indicator and automatically shuts off once water is depleted. Additionally, the PureGuardian H8000B humidifier has a digital touch control display, with a 12-hour timer, adjustable glowing night light setting.

The PureGuardian H8000B is perfect for both small and large rooms set using its variable mist control and a 2 reach ward extension perfect for use in large rooms. It quickly reliefs the dry air through the dispersion of cool or warm mist which comes out quietly. The soft mist and its lack of noise make it perfect to use at night and also favorable for people with dry skin and allergies.

This silver clean protection lined inside the humidifier’s water tank enables easy cleaning and maintenance and at the same time prevents mildew and slimy molds from growing.

The PureGuardian H8000B humidifier possesses a beautiful, modern design of a round-edged cuboid, and a top similar to that of a spray bottle. It is only 14 inches high, with a width of 9.76 inches and a length if 7.25 inches. This standalone humidifier covers a small space of 400 square feet and is perfect for a single room. It is made of plastic material making it less delicate and easy to handle.

For efficient and healthy usage, it is advisable to use the decalcification filter by Pure Guardian, to eliminate any undesirable minerals that can be harmful when released to the air the inhaled.

It can run at a maximum wattage of 130W when dispersing warm mist and 30W when dispersing cool mist. It comes in two colors which black and silver and have a limited manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years.

Technical Specs

Type of HumidificationUltrasonic
Type of MistWarm or Cool
Room Coverage400 sq.ft.
Tank Capacity2 gallons
Humidification Performance2 gallons for 120 hours
Water Low IndicatorYes
Automatic Shut-OffYes
Maintenance Reminders-
Display DimmerYes
Power Supply130W - warm mist
30W - cool mist
Weight6.17 pounds
Dimensions7.25x9.76x14.25 inches
Accessories Included-
Price (in USD)134.00


  • Operation: Has a well operational touch display. It is ultra-quiet.
  • Refills: Requires fewer refills even on highest setting
  • Humidity level: Able to maintain the desired humidity


  • Setting: The display setting glow does not turn off and can be disruptive to some people when trying to sleep.
  • Life span: Has a short lifespan.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comThis is the best humidifier I have ever owned. Not too sure why some people have issues with their units because mine works perfectly, exactly how it should. The touch buttons are a nice addition and make this unit look super modern and sleek. It also has a pretty nice looking LED screen to tell you the information on, and a big blue light that can be programmed to be on or off in case you want the thing lit up at night or not. Speaking of the night time - this thing is ULTRA quiet "

Users quotes on Amazon.comIt is a great humidifier, but I have now been using it for 5 months and recently have been having issues with noise. The fan will randomly hum loudly and I will have to turn it off and back on a couple times to get it to stop. Sometimes even if it gets bumped the noise will come back. I was really excited about this Humidifier, but it seems to have a short lifespan."

Conclusion: H8000B by PureGuardian

The PureGuardian H8000B smart ultrasonic humidifier is no doubt a good humidifier better than most humidifiers in the market going for the same price. But regardless of these great features, this humidifier is said to have the dark blue display lighting all the time which may not be something so friendly for individuals who struggle to sleep in the presence of light. It also calls for users to go slow on hard or tap water due to the formation of a dusty precipitate.

Also unlike more costly humidifiers, this humidifier does not have a long service term, and some people have complained of its operation failure a few days after purchase or start producing noise. Nevertheless, several people have praised its functionality thus worth a try.

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