Optimus – H-1322: Space Heater

When the cold weather kicks in, you are going to need a heating supplement for your main heating system to ensure a faster heating solution that won’t increase your energy bill. If you’re looking for a small portable solution for your house, there are thousands of options out there.  As you know, we have handpicked a few popular ones to compare their differences and the Optimus H-1322 is one of them.

Optimus H-1322 comes as one of the lightest appliances on the market, but the question is whether this affects the performance of the heater. We delve deep and cross-examine the main features of this space heater and see whether it could be the appliance you’re looking for.

Description of the H-1322 by Optimus

The Optimus H-1322 is a small portable fan heater that is ideal for small spaces. It works by using a heating element that heats up the air inside the heater. To distribute this air to the room, it uses a fan to blow out the hot air. Convection currents help in ensuring the air is circulated around the room. 

The design is very simple, featuring only two dials. One of the dial knobs is for the thermostat and the other is for fan and heat settings. There is no fancy LED displays or modern functionality components that many appliances have these days. Though the manual setting reduces the probability that the control panel will stop working, it reduces the efficiency of the appliance.  

Most people will want to have a display that will show them information on the current state of the room. This will help them adjust accordingly or set time for which the appliance will run. Also, the lack of a remote control means you will have to move over to the appliance to change the setting. This could be a turn off to some people. 

This heater also lacks the ability to oscillate to distribute the heat to all direction. Oscillatory features have been shown to improve a heater performance as the heater will not have to rely solely on convection current to distribute the heated air. This reduces the time it takes to heat up the room, and in turn, saves on the energy bill. 

The heat setting has three levels, one for the fan and the other two for the heat output. The higher setting achieves a maximum of 1500W. This would be ideal for a bedroom or other small-spaced room. The lower setting produces about 750W of heat output. With this kind of output, you will have to be patient as it will take some time before you can feel any temperature difference. 

There is an automatic-shutoff once the desired temperature is achieved, though the appliance will kick back on once the set temperature drops below two degrees. 

Optimus H-1322 weighs only 2 pounds, which basically means you can take it with you wherever you wish without any difficulty. Its longest dimension is only 10.5 inches which allow the appliance to be used in small spaces such as under the desk. 

The noise level is not the worst but it could be significantly be improved upon. The blowing sound, especially on the high setting, could be a nuisance to people especially if you want to study or sleep. 

It is compliant with the accepted safety standards for heaters. This includes a self-regulating function that checks the temperature conditions for internal components and shuts off the device in case there is overheating. If someone accidentally hits the appliance and topples it off, there is an automatic switch placed underneath the appliance that switches the appliance off to prevent burns. 

The appliance’s exterior is made of plastic which makes it cool enough to touch. It is also UL certified so you know you are using a safe product.

Technical Specs

TypeElectric Ceramic
Power SourceMax 1500
Heating levels2 heat settings( 1500W, 750W) and a Fan Mode.
Fan ForcesYes
Features- 2 Heat Settings (750 and 1500 watts).
- Automatic Thermostat Control.
- 4 Position Function Switch (Off, Fan, Lo, Hi).
- Fan Only Setting.
- Internal Heat Limiting Thermostat.
- Thermal Cut-off Safety Device.
- Tip-Over Safety Switch.
- Power Indicator Light.
Safety features-Overheat protection
-Tip-over safety protection
Weight2 lbs
Dimensions9.2 x 10.5 x 5.5 in
Warranty1 year
Accessories Included-
Price (in USD)$29.56


  • Easy to Use Easy to use with just two dials to function this Optimus heater/fan


  • Higher noise level: It is not suitable for use in bedrooms or kids' rooms as the noise emitted is can affect the quality of sleep.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comPowerful, a little noisy, but a strong warm little heater. I don't even know if noisy is the word... not anything we need to turn the volume up to hear over it. Our house is old with minimal insulation, leaving my 2-year old's play-room cold. However, since he is unattended in the room, I wanted a heater that wouldn't burn his fingers if touched or burn the house down if a curtain is nearby, or whatever else most heaters warn about. It turns itself off automatically if it tips over or is on an unlevel surface. This is the little heater that could! It warms up his room nicely and we will be buying another for our bathroom."

Users quotes on Amazon.comThis little thing is a trip. Maybe as much heat as a hair-dryer. I do live in a very small one-room apartment and it is plenty. Can't wait to see my next electric bill and see just how efficient it is. Yes, the thermostat works and yes, both speeds work well. And the tip-over shut-off is instant. I like it."

Conclusion: H-1322 by Optimus

Overall, the appliance leaves a lot to be desired.  Majority of the small space heaters have an oscillating feature by default and lack of this feature would increase the electricity bill as convection current are just not enough to ensure an even air circulation. This also prevents hot and cold spots in the room. 

However, the simplistic build and functionality of Optimus H-1322 could be appealing to many users. Also, as one of the lightest space heaters in the market, it could be used by those who travel often.

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