LG – Puricare: Dehumidifier Review

The LG PuriCare is a powerful portable dehumidifier that is designed to suck up to 70 pints of excess moisture from the air in your room. This ensures that your house is protected from molds and mildew and all the inconveniences that they bring. Its capacity makes it a suitable choice for large spaces measuring up to 2,000 square feet. It also contains a filter and an automatic defrost control.

If you have identified this dehumidifier as a suitable option for your room, then you are most probably looking for information about its features and performance. We researched on this unit and compiled all the details that you want to know. In addition, we have also provided information on its strengths and weaknesses. Without wasting time, let us start with its features.

Description of the Puricare by LG

In case you are looking for a powerful dehumidifier for your large space, then you should consider the LG PuriCare dehumidifier. This unit has an impressive capacity and can extract up to 70 pints of excess moisture from the air in your room in 24 hours. This capacity makes it a suitable choice for rooms that are as large as 2,000 square feet. Moreover, this unit has an automatic defrost control which enables it to operate in low temperatures.

Unlike most dehumidifiers, the LG PuriCare dehumidifier unit features a filter. This component filters bacteria, odors, and other airborne particles from the air in your room. Removing these air contaminants improves the quality of air in your room. In addition, this filter is washable, meaning that you can use it over and over again provided that you wash it when it requires washing.

The LG PuriCare Dehumidifier allows two modes of emptying the captured moisture. First, it features a bucket that is designed to allow you to monitor the amount of water that has been collected. This dehumidifier also alerts you when the tank is full.

Emptying the bucket can be tedious and boring. This dehumidifier offers you continuous drain option to save you the headaches of emptying the bucket. All you need to do is to connect a hose and let the unit do its work. With the timer provided, you can set the unit to run even when you are out of the house.

Are you looking for a unit that you can move from one room to another with ease? Well, this dehumidifier is designed to allow you to do that. It has a portable design and features strong caster wheels. You can easily wheel your unit to your preferred location without needing to lift your dehumidifier.

This unit also comes with full-function electronic controls that enable you to set the humidity level you prefer in your room. The LED display and the controls are optimized to enable you to operate the unit with ease.

Are you looking for a quiet dehumidifier for your room? We have observed that this unit produces a considerable amount of noise when running. It is therefore not suitable for spaces that demand quietness. We have also observed that the unit can leak from various points, especially if it is not properly installed.

Technical Specs

Dehumidification capacity (in pints)70 Pints/day
Air Flow (CFM)-
Noise level-
Cord Length-
Power (in W)745 Watts
Digital Hygrostat-
Tank Size (in Pints)-
Timer ? Y/NY
Remote controlN
Dimensions16.8 x 12.6 x 26.2 inches
Weight48.5 pounds
Maker (model)LG
Warranty1-year warranty


  • Efficient dehumidification – with a capacity of up to 70 pints per day, this unit will do an impressive job in your house.
  • Durable – the body of this dehumidifier is made of metal, which increases its durability. This can also be a good preventive measure for potential disasters such as fires.
  • Multipurpose– apart from dehumidification, this unit also cleans the air. With the washable filter, this machine will remove bacteria, odors, and other airborne impurities from the air in your room.


  • Noisy – this dehumidifier produces noise when running. The noise is from the compressor and the fan. We have noted that the fan continues to run even after the compressor has shut off.
  • Water leakage. Leaks are also likely to occur when the drain hose is not properly attached. Although the leaks from the drain will fall into the bucket, this means that you will have to keep emptying the bucket.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comBY FAR THE BEST DEHUMIDIFIER I HAVE EVER USED!!!!! Simply a great machine from LG. Works fantastic!!! The large white colored LED display is awesome, most other brands have a green display which is very generic looking, this LG is one of a kind. It makes tones when bucket is full as well and when you power it up. This machine is the only one I found where the body is made out of metal, very durable and good preventative measure for potential fires. It's about as loud as my older Frigidaire and Danby. It's in my lower level in the laundry room, so noise is of no concern to me. I'm so glad I purchased this dehumidifier!! UPDATE MAY 2018- The LG dehumidifier is going strong, not a single problem at all. Still cranks out a full bucket in less than 24 hours! Awesome dehumidifier "

Users quotes on Amazon.comThe only model I could find that doesn't seem to be junk made by Gree and relabeled by Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore and many others (450 fires causing 19 million in damage and counting, as reported to and by the Consumer Product Safety Commission earlier this year). Or so I assume, from the higher price, the design being significantly different, and it reportedly being more reliable. The controls are good, the bucket is clever and works well, seems sturdy and the design of it's box was up to Amazon's and UPS's handling, pulls water out of the air at a rate consistent with it's claimed capacity, although my house is small enough I can't test that well, nor its longevity under constant operation. Has the usual fan and compressor sounds, but it's fairly quiet compared to my mother's earlier generation GE branded Grees and one I bought 15 years ago that only lost its refrigerant last year, and it doubt it can be made significantly more quiet and still function. Will report back when this one fails sooner, or hopefully later. "

Conclusion: Puricare by LG

The LG PuriCare 70-Pint Dehumidifier is a powerful unit that is designed for dehumidifying large rooms. Apart from dehumidifying your room, this unit also features a filter that removes bacteria, odors, and other airborne contaminants from the air.

Although this unit has impressive features, we have noted that it produces a relatively loud sound when running. This characteristic makes it an unsuitable option for quiet environments. Additionally, this unit can leak from different points, and it is necessary to ensure that it is properly installed.

With the above information, we believe you can now make a firm decision. Good luck!

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