LG – LW1516ER

During the summer, an air conditioner becomes a necessity, and in some cases, a lifesaver. With temperatures going as high as 100 degrees, an air conditioner is needed to cope with the harsh weather.

A window ac provides a cheaper alternative especially for those without traditional split air conditioner system installed in their houses. Lg LW1516ER is one such easier alternative that is meant to ensure you enjoy your hot summer days with a cool breeze. Let have a look at it its main features and see if it is your perfect match!

Description of the LW1516ER by LG

Lg LW1516ER is a 15,000BTUs-rated air conditioner that works best on spaces of up to 800 sq. Ft. Although it is designed to work with 115V outlets, it will still work as well with 240v outlets so you won’t have to worry about safety when using this appliance. It is an Energy Star rated model that is rated at about 11.9 in terms of EER (Energy Start Rating). This means it is very efficient in how it converts energy to regulate the indoor temperature.

The energy saver and a timer function will also greatly help you save energy as it gives you the power to determine how the unit will run and for how long.

The design is very basic but sturdy, featuring a control panel on the right. The window air conditioner comes with a patented coating technology that ensures the appliance can withstand adverse weather conditions without corroding the components. This technology uses a gold fin protective shield to last longer.

The control panel is very handy as it packs a lot of features to help you have complete control over the air being spit out by this machine. The High, Low and Medium fan cooling speed button regulates the speed to which the fans will blow the air.

The lowest fan speed is the quietest at 59dB on the inside and 65dB. This is not the quietest unit out there so you might want to look elsewhere if you are looking for a quieter ac.

Also, a digital thermostat enables you to set your desired temperatures with which the appliance will run until it is achieved. A timer button will also help in setting how long the appliance will run.

There is a ‘mode’ button that changes how the unit is going to operate. These four modes are Cool, Energy Saver, Dry, and Fan only mode. The Dry mode will try to dehumidify the room without changing the temperature while the fan only mode will just create a breeze in the house without changing neither the temperature nor the humidity of the air.

It is worth noting that this window air conditioner is recommended for heights not less than 20 inches and though this can go up to 36 inches in terms of the width. An installation kit complete with insulation strips and side curtains to help you prevent air and water leakage from the outside.

When installing, care should be taken as it is very heavy. Dropping the 100 pounds unit may risk damaging it. It is very easy on the environment when compared to other refrigerants. While you may never need to replace the refrigerant during the units lifetime, if you do, you won’t have to dig deep into your pockets to do so.

This window air conditioner uses the HFC R-32 as its refrigerant.

The maintenance requirements of Lg LW1516ER are fairly easy to achieve. A filter cleaning reminder indicator is even installed to help you ensure the appliance is always working at peak conditions. It is also easy to remove and reassemble parts should you want to check on the inside.

The pricing is modest as the value it returns is even greater. As at the time of writing, a unit went for about $500.

Technical Specs

Cooling capacity (in BTU)15,000 BTU
Built-In Heat PumpNo
Built-In Heat DehumidifierYes
Recommended Room Size800 sq.Ft
Cooling Speeds3
Max Noise Level (in dB) 65 dB
Remote control ? Y/NYes
Automatic Shut-Off / Restart after shutdownYes
Maintenance RemindersYes
Power Supply115V
Weight112 pounds
Dimensions26 x 28.1 x 17.7 inches
Warranty1 year
Accessories IncludedWindow mounting kit, Power cable
Price (in USD)$605.00


  • Air control flexibility. This ac provides different air control modes to suit different needs.
  • Affordable. Compared to others in the same category, this unit is modestly priced.


  • Noise level. Very noisy during operation and it might be a distraction when you want to study or sleep.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comThis is the largest (cooling capacity) window AC unit available that does not require a non-standard electrical receptacle to plug in to. Great value and easy to install. It will cool a moderately sized room under a lot of circumstances. Might struggle on the hottest days of the summer but for most days it will work fine. Easy to install...had it installed in less than 45 minutes. Any handyman or technically proficient homeowner can put this unit in. Reasonably quiet and uses a remote control which works great for anyone who is mobility challenged."

Users quotes on Amazon.comThe air-conditioner works fine. However, there were several dents in the housing and none in the cardboard box that it came in. That leads me to believe the air-conditioner was damaged before it was boxed. I’m keeping it because it does work."

Conclusion: LW1516ER by LG

You will really appreciate this window air conditioner as it performs perfectly for different needs without having to purchase extra appliances. For moderately sized rooms it works just as expected.

Installation is very easy and can be achieved within an hour. You don’t need to purchase any extra as the installation kit has everything you’ll need.

Another big selling point is the air control flexibility as it provides options for different needs ranging from breezes to just dehumidifying.

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