InvisiPure – Hydrowave: Dehumidifier Review

Dehumidifiers are important assets to have in your house. Not only are they recommended by health experts, but also can be very crucial if you want your wood furniture or floor to stand the test of time. It is recommended to stay in an environment of between 40% – 50% percent humidity. 

However, for most of the time, the humidity is either a little lower or a little higher. If its high, you need to use a dehumidifier to bring it back to the normal level. 

One such product that can do such a job is the InvisiPure Hydrowave dehumidifier. Let’s look at its features and see what it has to offer.

Description of the Hydrowave by Invisipure

InvisiPure Hydrowave dehumidifier works best for small spaces such as closets, small corridors, trailers, and other small rooms due to its limited scope. This means if you are planning to cover a larger space like a living room or an office, then you need to look elsewhere or you will need to buy several of these in order to feel any difference in the room. 

Due to its small size, this dehumidifier is very portable and can be included in your travel bag if you want to use it during your vacation. It doesn’t have caster wheels if you need to move it from one place to another without lifting it. However, at 6 pounds, you can lift it without any difficulty. You can also place it anywhere, be it on a tabletop or on a shelf, provided you provide some space around so it can work properly. 

As for the moisture removal rate, this dehumidifier removes up to 27 ounces / 800 ml / 1.7 pints of water from the air per day. Most people used to bigger units might feel this rate is extremely small for a humidifier of that price if compared to other larger units. The tank holds up to 0.5 gallons of water when full. However, it does not completely empty if you are using a hosepipe so you will have to empty it manually occasionally to prevent mold and scales growth.  

The humidifier has automatic shut-off features that can prove very beneficial in terms of security. This means in case the water fills up the tank, it won’t overflow on the floor and cause problems with your wood carpet or other furniture. 



A control panel is not included in this product. This is not good news for people who love to set the parameters for themselves. Lack of a control panel means you might not even know when the device is working properly and when its faulty based on the readings on the display since it’s nonexistent. Also, no timer is included so you will have to use it for some time to determine the time it will require to fill up so you can empty the tank. 

Luckily for you, an option to use a hosepipe to empty the tank is included. Due to its limited size, you could be forced to empty the tank several times during the day. However, if you have the required hosepipe that is required, you don’t have to worry as you can empty the tanks in a bigger reservoir. The dehumidifier does not have a built-in pump though so you will have to make sure the appliance is placed in a higher ground as compared to the reservoir. 

Noise level is very standard as it manages to keep it considerably low. It is barely noticeable when running which means it can be placed in the nursery. If you place it in your TV-room, it won’t disturb you and you will watch your favorite shows unperturbed. 

The design is sleek and compact, thus blends really well with the furniture. The warranty only covers 1 year so you’ll have to be prepared to incur cost when the coverage period expires.

Technical Specs

Dehumidification capacity (in pints)30 Pints/day
Air Flow (CFM)65-88CFM
Noise level40dB
Cord Length5 ft
Power (in W)120V and 100W
Digital HygrostatNo
Tank Size (in Pints)2 liters / 0.5 gallon
Timer ? Y/NNo
Remote controlNo
Dimensions9.8 x 6.1 x 13.9 inches
Weight5.7 lbs
Maker (model)InvisiPure
Warranty1 year


  • Extremely portable: Can be moved anywhere with ease.


  • Limited scope: With its small size, you can't rely on it to work on large areas such as living rooms or offices.
  • No Control Panel: No ability to chose your own custom settings so you will have to go with the hard-coded ones

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comThis was my second order for this product after ordering my first one 6 months ago from a different seller. It is an excellent relatively small dehumidifier which is very efficient and quiet. I purchased a second one to replace a smaller dehumidifier which required emptying the water too often. One weakness is the way the lid to the reservoir does not always stay firmly locked in place when removing the tray to empty the water. But it was not enough to keep me from purchasing a second unit. The design is very sleek and the blue light that shows when it is operating is attractive. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants something that can collect a lot of water, not take up too much room and look attractive. I do not want the larger scale units which are expensive and would become like a piece of furniture in the spaces where I use these dehumidifiers."

Users quotes on Amazon.comI put this in a small server room (100-150sqft) with a dedicated AC unit set to 72, but the humidity was consistently running 68-74%. I'm not impressed, I assumed the tank would fill up very quickly but it takes 4-5 days to fill a tank and almost no noticeable drop in room humidity. I will take this and place in our RV which stays much hotter while stored, but it didn't meet my expectations for such a small room"

Conclusion: Hydrowave by Invisipure

For such a low price for a humidifier, you get what you pay for – a small job from a small dehumidifier. This is therefore ideal if you have financial constraints or if you just want an appliance you can carry with you wherever you wish without having to worry about the portability. 

If you like to have yourself dictate the settings, you might want to consider rethinking the decision to buy this one as it also doesn’t contain the options to switch between ‘low’ and ‘high’ settings or a control panel. 

If you, however, feel the InvisiPure Hydrowave dehumidifier hits your sweet spot, we would recommend you to take the next step and purchase it or browse our other categories to search the one that fits your personality.

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