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Indoor air purifier / filter : the quality of our indoor air

It is a fact that no living being on Earth can survive without air. However, the air we breathe is increasingly polluted. Moreover, studies have shown that the air we breathe inside our homes is 5 times more polluted than that outside , so it’s definitely a good idea to clean it up.

To help understand the importance of breathing clean air through an indoor air filter or purifier, here’s what you need to know about the quality of your indoor air.

Indoor air chemical compounds

Chemical compounds found in the air are commonly called Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC . These pollutants can be more or less toxic for human health. Harmful ingredients are found in various solvents, paints, adhesives, inks, pesticides, household cleaners, disinfectants and cosmetics.

Indoor air pollutants

Indoor air pollutants

These elements seem to be minimal, but they seriously pollute the air, and in doing so, they also affect the health of people living in a home . The good news is that there is an effective way to get rid of them. Indeed, to have clean chemical-free air, simply use an air purifier.

Indoor air organic matter

As well as volatile chemical elements, there are also organic elements from animal hair , carpets and rugs, flowers and other house plants, as well as origniating from moisture, the contents of your fridge, and of course, dust.

Because of these organic elements, the air is loaded with allergens, molds and fungi that are harmful to our health. So, using an air purifier can rid the air of all these organic elements , making sure that you’re breathing fresh and healthy air day and night.

Indoor air odors, gases and fumes

The air inside the home is also seriously polluted with traffic fumes from nearby roads and of course, other fumes and gases. In terms of odors, we should also mention those that come from the kitchen or plumbing system.

Smoke can come from cooking, smoking, candles and fireplaces . In terms of gas, this can be given off by certain household appliances. Molecules from household waste and other nanoparticles mix in.


Although, in general, we hardly notice the presence of the elements mentioned above, they are harmful to human health.

Even without researching any further, it’s clear to anyone that the air inside the house is polluted. However, air pollution problems can be easily taken care of by indoor air purifiers and filters.

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