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How to choose a mobile ac unit?

The mobile air conditioner is a useful and economical device that is actually practical in summer or winter, since it can also provide heating. Indeed, although this unit will not be able to cool an entire house in summer, your mobile ac unit is capable of cooling a few rooms.

However, to be sure of getting the right mobile air conditioner for your home, it’s important to pick out the one that is best suited to your needs. Discover Three steps to choosing the right mobile air conditioner !

Pay attention to power, reliability and design

Above all, you should pay particular attention to the power, reliability and design of the device because buying a mobile air conditioner is a real investment.

Read the product details carefully to find out about power and reliability, the warranty offered by the brand, efficiency of after-sales service β€”if there is any β€” and above all, the opinions of other people who have already opted for the device you want.

In terms of design , the choice is entirely yours, but the market currently offers a large range of mobile ac units. So, you’re sure to find a mobile air conditioner for your needs and your tastes.

Check the power and energy consumption

In terms of power, it’s important to know that the more highly powered the machine, the more likely it is that the unit can cool a number of rooms. Take care to note the power of your future mobile air conditioner before buying. The power is expressed in BTU .

Because these days, saving energy and being eco-responsible are really important, energy consumption is also key to choosing a mobile air conditioner. So, to make sure you comply with energy standards, without increasing your electricity bill, go for a unit with energy star rating.

The Energy Star rating logo

The Energy Star rating logo

Once you have checked these points, you can go ahead with your purchase.

Think of the convenience and comfort of use of your mobile AC unit

Convenience and ease of use also play a major role in the choice of a new mobile air conditioner.

So before buying your mobile air conditioner, make sure it is easy to carry and has a transport system to help you move it around. Also, check the noise levels is are not too high by referring to the product details and also reading user reviews. Finally, in terms of installation and routine maintenance, you should choose a device that makes your life as easy as possible.

An excellent option for a sleek unit

Ease of use and comfort are a must

So once you are happy with all that, you can get started because you will be certain to have found the right mobile air conditioner for you.

By following our tips, you’ll be sure to make the right choice of mobile air conditioner . Note that this device is a real investment, so it’s not a choice to be made lightly.

FYI: The Air Geeks' top-rated portable AC units tested in 2021:
1. Black+Decker – BPACT14WT: the all-around best option (very large rooms)
2. Whynter - Elite Arc 122DS: the best value (large rooms)
3. Honeywell - MN10CSWW: superior unit, great price (avg. rooms)
4. Honeywell – MO08CESWK: a very good entry-level option (small rooms)