Honeywell – Mistmate HUL520W: Humidifier Review

Every time your small room or office becomes hotter than normal, the air tends to be dry because the humidity level has decreased. This is a common occurrence either during summer when the temperatures are high or during winter when you have turned on your AC.

Whether you have some breathing complications or not, you need to humidify your air to ensure you have ease in your breathing. Besides, there are some electronics in your room that need a serene environment to work efficiently like your computers and televisions.

Now you can enjoy some cool mists right in your room without hassles and at an affordable price. Let’s get deeper and see what this Honeywell product entails.

Description of the Mistmate HUL520W by Honeywell


If you are looking for a cute and well articulate in design humidifier for your small living room, Honeywell is there to give you a relatively lasting solution by providing you with Mistmate. It is supplied with a 2-year warranty.

This humidifier requires no filter for it to work; it just needs some electric power for it to expel the ultrasonic visible cool mists into your room. The machine is ultra-quiet when operating hence you don’t need some ear muffs to keep off the noise.

The beauty with this humidifier is the automatic switch off aspect whenever the tank becomes empty. Its tank can only hold 0.5 gallon which needs to be refilled after every 20 hours. The tank opening is relatively large for easy filling, emptying, and cleaning.

The small size of Mistmate makes it very appropriate to be placed even in small areas. It comes in various colors that make it very attractive even when placed in your living room. It will not only enhance humidity but also add the aesthetic value in your room.


Honeywell Mistmate Cool Mist humidifier usually comes in a well packaged and attractive box that has pictures and various descriptions. To ensure it is safely delivered to the customer, Honeywell places some cardboard inside the box to hold it firmly.

Don’t expect to see much inside the box except the product itself, user guide, and some questions that are usually asked concerning the humidifier. For portability purposes, the machine has a handle at the back. On the front is a rectangular hole that expels the mist.

The height of Mistmate is about 9 inches and a maximum breadth of 8 inches, especially at the center. The shape of this humidifier is less like a ball except that it has a flat top and bottom.

The essence of being flat-bottomed is for stability purpose which is further enhanced by rubbers that are fitted on the bottom surface. You can easily locate the fan at the bottom of the machine.

When adding water to the water tank, you open the lid which is easy to open and close because it is rubber sealed. It is wide enough to ease the filling process. The water tank is very transparent to enable you to see the water level.

In the front of the humidifier is the power knob which has a green LED which usually glows when you turn it on. By turning the knob to the right you turn the power on and consequently adjust the mist amount needed in the room. You turn the knob to the left to switch Mistmate off.

How Does this Humidifier Operate?

For that humidity to be produced by the machine effectively so as to deal with the static electricity, this Honeywell product operates using a piezoelectric transducer. It is basically designed to provide cool moisture.

The water from the water tank usually goes to a water reservoir where it’s broken into tiny droplets by a disk vibrating in the place at a very high speed. The small fan then propels those droplets into the room. The high speed of the disk and the fan are the reason for the sound produced by the machine.

It is always advisable that you use your two hands when carrying the water tank. Do not attempt to operate this humidifier when the water tank is empty. Other instructions are in the user guide, take time to read through it to avoid any damage to your humidifier or injury to your body.

Technical Specs

Type of HumidificationUltrasonic
Type of MistVisible Cool moisture
Room Coverage150 sq. ft. (small)
Tank Capacity0.5 gallon
Humidification PerformanceUp to 1.25 gallon per 24 hours
Water Low IndicatorYes
Automatic Shut-OffYes
Maintenance Reminders_
Display DimmerYes
Power Supply120V, 60Hz
Weight2.61 lbs
Dimensions8.57L x 8.15W x 8.90H
Accessories IncludedProtec cleaning cartridge
Price (in USD)26


  • Price : It is relatively affordable!
  • Easy to use and control, has no filters
  • Easy to clean and fill


  • It cannot be used in larger rooms
  • The noise level is a bit high after some months
  • It is difficult to maintain especially after months of using it

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comThis is easy to use and puts out vapor quietly and effectively. A few things that I have learned, using it in a room towards the large end of the range it is recommended for: It took a few weeks, to my surprise, to get the room hydrated to the point that the humidity was maintained at a pretty steady level. In very cold weather, when the heat is on more or less all the time, it can require filling twice a day, which is a drag. The recommended weekly cleaning for scale is also a drag, so using distilled water is a really good idea; my in-frig filtered water did not solve the problem as some suggested it might. Ditto the weekly disinfecting with bleach, so getting the disinfectant inserts that are recommended is well worth it. Of course, the distilled water and the inserts add a bit of cost and reduce the cost-effectiveness, perhaps. "

Users quotes on Amazon.comBought this as a replacement for a different brand of cool mister that broke. This mister is a compact size that will provide mist all night long. It is also a well designed product because it is much easier to clean than other misters on the market. It makes a very minimal humming sound - almost silent (hardly noticeable as I am someone very bothered by excess sound). Be careful not to set it too close to your bed as over the course of the night it may make your bed linens feel damp. Out of the two misters I have had, this one is best and most effective. I do not wake up with a dry throat or nose and my skin has even improved. I have had it for about two months now and hope it lasts over time. "

Conclusion: Mistmate HUL520W by Honeywell

Despite the wow factors of Honeywell Mistmate humidifier, it has some woe factors that some people feel they should be improved. This is a usual thing for every product in the market. However, following the instructions in the user guide still remains the key to having your Mistmate function efficiently and effectively.

Some people complain of the product lasting for fewer hours than the recommended; this could be due to the amount mist you have set that it produces. The higher the level the least the lasting hours it will have.

Nevertheless, this is a good humidifier to buy if you have a small room or office, it will work effectively for you.

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