Honeywell – HCM350B: Dehumidifier Review

When there is an abrupt weather change, skins, especially those of babies can become very sensitive especially if the air becomes drier which can lead to skin becoming irritable and can have harsh effects flu and coughs.

To counter this, it is a good idea to have a humidifier in your house to ensure the air is always moisturized. It is always recommended that you keep the humidity inside your house at between 40%-50% to ensure you are protected from flu and other dry air-related infections.

Honeywell HCM350B Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier is incredibly good at providing such an environment.

Description of the HCM350B by Honeywell

This product comes with a patented Germ-Killing Technology that 99.9% of disease-causing water-bred germs, molds, and bacteria are kept a bay. If the right humidity is not kept constant in the house, molds and spores tend to thrive very well especially in wet conditions. The technology uses scientifically-proven germ-removal process that utilizes ultra-violet rays to kill 99.9% of germ causing organisms that may be present in water.

The invisible moisture emitted after the filtering process is very soothing and relieves most discomforts caused by dry air.

Looking for an appliance that is carefully designed to reduce noise? Honeywell HCM350B Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier ensures that you sleep comfortably without hearing a roaring or vibrating noise. It is actually designed using Quiet Care Technology to ensure it is 25% quieter than market equivalents.

The humidifier is whisper-quiet at low-setting and also reasonably quiet even on the middle-level setting. However, noise cannot be completely avoided especially on a high-setting although it is fairly tolerable for most people. This makes it useful for bedrooms at night as the noise is mostly white noise which even sometimes unnoticeable.

This humidifier also has a 3-speed level setting to ensure that humidity and noise desired is achieved. It is also designed to be self-regulating to make sure that the humidity level does not keep fluctuating and is kept constant.

As a cool mist humidifier, it blows off invisible moisture off a wicking filter and it is very effective especially during the summer when the air is hot to give a soothing and cool sensation into your skin and nasal passage.

Maintenance for this product is very easy as the only thing you need to worry about is the filter and water level. The filter is easily replaced with a Genuine Honeywell Replacement filter that is specially treated with Protec Antimicrobial which prohibits 99.9% of mold growth in the filter. It is recommended you replace your filter every 1-2 months depending on the frequency of use and quality of water.

Be sure to replace the filter as soon as you notice the buildup of impurities from water or presence of foul odor as a result of poor quality water, this will ensure optimal performance and durability of the appliance.

This appliance also ships with a Protec Cleaning Ball that helps in keeping the humidifier cleaner for longer. The water tank is easily removed. It is also dishwasher safe and does not break easily in case you accidentally drop it.

Honeywell HCM350B Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier is built in such a way that the system is self-regulating so you won’t have to keep measuring the humidity every now and then to make sure it is 40% -60% (which is the recommended value). Once you set, you can rest assured to get germ-free, fresh moisture in your house.

At about 9 pounds, this humidifier is fairly portable and can be placed anywhere in the house where you need to humidify. Its tank also has a large handle which makes it easy to hold while cleaning or when filling water. This product is designed to be placed almost anywhere in the house due to its elegant design that complements your furniture.

Technical Specs

Type of HumidificationCool Mist Evaporative
Type of MistCool
Room Coverage500 sq. ft.
Tank Capacity1.5 gallons
Humidification PerformanceUp to 1.25 gallons per 24 hours
Water Low IndicatorYes
Automatic Shut-Off-
Maintenance Reminders-
Display Dimmer-
Power Supply120V, 50Hz
Weight9 lbs
Dimensions17.5 x 9.4 x 11.8 inches
Accessories IncludedHoneywell Humidity Monitor, Honeywell Replacement Filters, Protec Cleaning Ball
Price (in USD)64.99


  • Easy to fill and clean.
  • The patented UV-light technology ensures the air is 99.9% germ-free.


  • The replacement filters can be sometimes expensive.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comWe bought this product to replace a very expensive Air-O-Swiss humidifier that just all of a sudden died on us. Currently used in a bedroom that's approximately 300sq ft, it works well and gets the job done. There are only two things that I would like to point out to potential buyers. 1) Even though the water container is decent size, I find myself having to refill it every other day. We run it at night and on the low setting. I live in a very dry climate so it probably has something to do with it, but even with my old Air-O-Swiss unit I filled it once a week and the tank was smaller. 2) It's not perfectly quiet. There are three settings from low to high. The high setting sounds like a typical table top fan running on a low speed. When you get down to low it is very quiet at that point and time, but still a little noise. I only point this out for people that want to use it for bedtime if you're a light sleeper it might bother you. Hope this helps anyone who is interested in buying it."

Users quotes on Amazon.comHave it sitting right next to my bed. On the lowest of the three (3) speed settings, yes it makes a little bit of noise but not enough to keep me awake. I have a $15 Radio Shack humidity measuring device and without a doubt, this humidifier works A-OK. I have mild sleep apnea and bought the unit to help with middle of the night dry-mouth symptoms. Original filter worked just fine for 3 months of every night use. The Honeywell brand replacement filter seems to get mixed reviews. Namely that the thickness of the filter has been reduced from 1 inch to now shipping units, such as mine, using 3/4 inch thickness filters. Reading filter review on this Amazon site, noted many customers like the filters sold by Lowes Home Improvement stores. One claim was that the thicker filter greatly increased the water usage and therefore more water vapor into the air per hour running. Locally found the recommended replacement filters available at my local LOWES. The brand of humidifier filters are the IDYLIS brand. The part number replacement for the Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier is IDYLIS #0105460. AND this filter has a metal mesh to support the filter, AND the filter thickness is a full 1 inch thick."

Conclusion: HCM350B by Honeywell

This humidifier proves to be a perfect fit if you are looking to buy a stylish humidifier that does what it says. You can be assured a virus and germs-free air and that your furniture is protected from shrinking and cracking due to extreme changes in humidity in the house. It also helps to keep your nasal passage and skin hydrated so you are less prone to itchy skin and irritating cough. This humidifier is very good at reducing static shocks in the house.

Even though there are some limitations, Honeywell HCM350B Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier is a good alternative to classic humidifiers.

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