Homelabs – 70 pint: Dehumidifier Review

Excess moisture in the air you breathe poses plenty of risks to your health and that of your loved ones. Studies have revealed that excess moisture can lead to serious health problems such as coughing and rheumatism. Apart from affecting the health of your loved ones, excess moisture can also damage your valuables.

Moist air encourages growth of mold on your furniture and walls. If you are worried about the possibility of all this happening, then you can sit back and relax because the HomeLabs 70 pint portable dehumidifier is here to free your room from excess moisture.

If you are looking for a dehumidifier that can efficiently suck excess moisture from the air in your room, then you should consider the HomeLabs 70 Pint Portable Dehumidifier. Β In case you are already considering this portable unit and you are interested in knowing more about its features and performance, then we have researched and compiled all the information that you need to make a well informed decision. Let’s get started with its features.

Description of the 70 pint by Homelabs

HomeLabs 70 pint is a powerful dehumidifier that is capable of extracting up to 9 gallons of excess moisture from the air per day. This high capacity makes this unit a suitable choice for large spaces that are up to 4,000 square feet. This unit is suitable for large basements, halls and other large spaces.

Nobody wants to be tied up in one place monitoring a machine. This unit allows you to continue with activities as it does its work for you! All you need to do is set your preferred moisture level and leave it to run continuously. When the tank is full, this unit is designed to go off automatically.

You can choose to empty the bucket manually or you can use a hose to drain the captured water. In areas where the amount of moisture in the air is high, it is recommended to use a hose. You can use the captured moisture for watering your flower garden, lawn, and so on.

Apart from dehumidifying your room, this unit has a built-in air purification system that is optimized to remove odors and allergens found in humid air. Its turbo mode helps to increase the fan speed to allow maximum removal of moisture and odors, leaving you to breathe fresh and uncontaminated air.

Moreover, if you are the type that cares about looks, then this sleek dehumidifier is designed for you.

Technical Specs

Dehumidification capacity (in pints)70 pints/day
Air Flow (CFM)-
Noise level-
Cord Length-
Power (in W)-
Digital Hygrostat-
Tank Size (in Pints)1.6 gallons
Timer ? Y/NYES
Remote controlNO
Dimensions15.4 x 11 x 24.3 inches
Weight40 pounds
Maker (model)hOmelabs
Price~ $200


  • Easy to use. This dehumidifier has automatic modes that allow you to do your work without worrying about the unit. All you need to do is adjust it to a moisture level of your choice and leave it to do its job. To avoid the hassle of emptying the buckets every time they are full, you can attach the drain hose and the dehumidifier is ready to run continuously.
  • Offers two drainage methods. This unit has removable tanks that you can empty when full, or you can choose to utilize the water to irrigate your garden using a drain hose. The drain hose allows for continuous draining.
  • High capacity. This dehumidifier can extract up to 9 gallons of water in a day! With this unit in your room, you can bid goodbye to molds and mildew, as well as the smell of dampness in your basement.


  • Water leakage. We have established that this dehumidifier can leak especially if you are using a hose to drain the captured moisture. This can cause damages to household items especially if you are not around to mop the water when it leaks.
  • Extra cost. If you are planning to use a hose to drain the water from your dehumidifier, then you better be prepared with some extra cash to purchase the hose. This is not included when buying the unit.
  • The unit does not come with a remote control and you can only operate it from its location. Most dehumidifiers of same capacity come with remote controls that allow users to adjust the settings of their units without needing to walk to where they are positioned.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comOH my goodness. This dehumidifier looks sleek and works GREAT! It is very simple to use. The easiest setting is to just plug it in and walk away. It will pull water from the air until it's full, then it will stop until you empty the water out. Slide the drawer back in and it instantly comes back on. The drawer that holds the water comes out easily and has a handy handle (see what I did there?) ; ) to carry it with. Very sturdy. For people who want it to run continuously, there is a setting where you can use a drain hose. You can also adjust the amount of humidity you want in the air. It's a very quiet and attractive unit. For the first spring in 18 years my 120 year-old house doesn't smell musty when it rains! (sorry the last two pics are sideways...couldn't get my photos to cooperate)"

Users quotes on Amazon.comOriginally I bought the 30 pint version and my basement wouldn’t go below 61% humidity. Although my basement is only about 600 sq ft total, it just couldn’t get it there. Went ahead and got the 70 pint version and it got the place down to 45% within a few hours. Within 1 day the mildew musty smell was almost completely gone. We moved the 30 pint version to the bedroom. Just as an aside, another review mentioned that the 70 pint version did not take a standard garden hose, but mine definitely does. Not sure what the issue was with theirs, but the outlet hole on the back is the same size."

Conclusion: 70 pint by Homelabs

HomeLabs 70 Pint Portable Dehumidifier is a suitable solution for large rooms that are up to 4,000 square feet. With a capacity to extract up to 70 pint (9 gallons) of moisture daily, you are guaranteed that it will suck out all the excess moisture to save you the troubles of mold, mildew, coughs and other health conditions.

It is also designed to filter odors and allergens from the air in your room leaving it clean and fresh. Now you have all the information. Make your choice!

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