Homelabs – 5000 BTU

While homeLabs is fairly new when compared to industry giants like Frigidaire, it has really worked hard to catch up with the competition when it comes to air control and refrigeration.

This has been achieved through extensive customer research and acquiring top talent to accelerate innovation and challenge the established players. This has enabled it to carve itself a small albeit growing fanbase who have helped a great deal to spur its growth.

Today we are going to look at one of its smallest window air conditioners, the homeLabs 5,000BTU model and see how its features will help you to keep the heat at bay.

Description of the 5000 BTU by HomeLabs

First, we are going to look at its capacity since this is one of, if not the most important feature of any window air conditioner. Here, this small machine will spit about 5,000BTUs of heat energy which just enough to cover spaces not exceeding 150sq. Ft. This space is enough for a bedroom or a trailer or a camper. One cool comparison you should know is that a lighted matchstick spits about 1BTU of heat energy.

Of course, this does not help if this homeLabs wastes a lot of energy to produce this heat. This means that its efficiency becomes of paramount importance because we wouldn’t hate to save some electricity while using this window ac. This unit has an Energy Efficiency Ratio of 11.1, which is above the Energy Star requirements of 10.0 EER or higher.

However, when compared to the competition, and in particular the Frigidaire, it lags behind at this section as some are able to achieve an efficiency ratio of more than 12EERs. A ratio exceeding 11.0 is above expectation and therefore is not expensive to run. The Energy Guide estimates of this unit are about $41 per year, making it a relatively cheap appliance to run.

This hOmeLabs also works well with 110/120V outlets so you don’t have to worry about rewiring your house to avail higher voltage.

In terms of installation, there is a kit that comes with the appliance to help you get the unit securely installed and mounted on the window. This kit has everything you’ll need from the window sealing foam to the support brackets. It is important to know that this window works best for windows not smaller than 23-26 inches wide or 13 inches high. The exact measurements of the appliance are 16*12*15.4 inches.

The filter is reusable so you don’t have to purchase another one every time you need to clean the unit. It is also antibacterial meaning it will keep mold and bacteria in addition to the dust away from the air you breathe. It is easy to clean with some soap. You should make sure the filter is thoroughly dry before reinstalling it on the unit. However, there is no filter replacement alert so you will have to keep track of the filter conditions yourself.

The control panel is manual, featuring to knobs that are turned to select one of the 7 temperature and the fan modes. While not the best out there knobs are a good alternative for those who don’t like buttons. There is also no digital readout of the temperature so you will have to look at the knob to see the set temperature. This also means the remote controller is missing which could be a turn off to some people.

hOmeLabs have really upped the game in terms of design. It is well thought out, mindful and appealing to the eyes as it perfectly blends into any decor. The warranty is also improved as it covers two years, contrary to most of the competition who only cover a year or less.

Technical Specs

Model5000 BTU
Cooling capacity (in BTU)5000 BTU
Built-In Heat PumpNo
Built-In Heat DehumidifierYes
Recommended Room Size150 square feet
Cooling Speeds2
Max Noise Level (in dB)52dB
Remote control ? Y/NNo
Automatic Shut-Off / Restart after shutdownNo
Maintenance RemindersNo
Power Supply110V/120V
Weight36.5 pounds
Dimensions16 x 15.4 x 12 inches
WarrantyI year
Accessories IncludedWindow mounting kit, Power cord
Price (in USD)$169.99


  • Complete Startup kit: hOmeLabs has ensured you won't have to purchase any tool to mount the unit securely on the window.


  • No dedicated water drain hole. hOmeLabs says they use the water collected to cool the back coils.
  • Manual controls. The control panel is manual and there is no digital readout of the thermostat. The remote is also missing.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comThis little cooler unit is the perfect size for our bedroom! It definitely keeps it cool enough for me to sleep at night. It's not too loud. I love that there is no light on it to keep me up during the night as well"

Users quotes on Amazon.comWe just enclosed our carport to make another bedroom and so we needed a window unit. This one has been fantastic so far. It's quiet and it cools the room off in record time. It's easy to use and the filter will be easy to clean. I have had them in the past where you could hardly get the filter out, but this one comes out easily. Its a wonderful unit. If you are looking to cool off a small part of your home this is the unit for you."

Conclusion: 5000 BTU by HomeLabs

While it is not the most modern window air conditioner out there, hOmeLabs 5000BTU has everything you need to stay fresh and comfortable at home.

hOmeLabs claim they are very meticulous when testing their appliances to ensure products coming out of their plants are always user-friendly designed around customers needs.

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