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GermGuardian – AC5350BCA : Air Purifier Review

When was your last time you dreamed of an excellent place filled with magnificent and calm breath like the Caribbean island breeze? You don’t have to worry any longer; the long awaited solution is here with Guardian Technologies.

The company has produced its finest outstanding air purifying machine called theAC5350BCA. Its efficiency in refining your house air is indisputably incomparable with other models this size.

This review shall highlight Germ Guardian air purifier traits, pros and cons, and reviews. Eventually, a brief summary shall be provided to consolidate our review into an useful coherence. Let’s go!


Elegant AC5350BCA by GermGuardian

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Description of the AC5350BCA

Holy GermGuardian AC5350B 4-in-1 Air Cleaning System! The Germ Guardian air purifier is the latest air purifier product from Germ Technologies. It presents itself with original design and elegance to fit the demands of the modern consumers who desperately flamboyant love posh and living.

Whether you own congested small quota or a mansion in Malibu, its 28-inch tall makes it feasible for you to fit it excellently to your house. Does your house turn out to be a hell of dust, plant pollens, mold spores and pet dander especially after thorough cleaning? Well, True HEPA technology sandwiched in the machine clears out almost 99.9% of these pathogens.

A great fit for your room

A great fit for your room

Perfectly fit with True HEPA,Odor Reduction and UV-C Sanitizer technology, GermGuardian is a universal air cleaning machine for families. Unlike other les reliable air cleansing brands, GermGuardian AC5350B 4-in 1 cleaning machine is highly portable, stylish and sleek to add splendor to your interior house design.

But let’s get more technical :

  • Activated carbon filter. Over the years, it has been hectic and more difficult to control germs, molds and bacterial growth in the house. Not only does these pathogens become a mess but also trigger dangerous sickness. However, Germ Guardian is integrated with Charcoal filter to paralyze the growth of these bacteria to set you free and vulnerable to inevitable bacterial-causing ailments.
  • Powerful UV-C Technology. Microscopic airborne germs cannot easily survive or find their way in your house! Titanium dioxide has been made to work perfectly with UV-C light technology to extricate any presence of airborne germs. With the former air cleaning machines, it was difficult to know when your filter gets congested with dust. Germ Guardian air purifier contains indicators to admonish you when to change UV bulb or the filter gadget. It is paramount to know that the filter should at least take six-eight months before replacing depending on the task force subjected to the machine.
  • Eradicating funny smells. Have you ever stormed in some people houses and the next thing you want is to gush out like a lightening due to doggy, repulsive and nauseating smells? Worry no more of the house! This air cleaning machine has a UV-C light that decomposes these odor molecules/atoms from pets or smoke.
Reliable and affordable.

Reliable and affordable.

Last positive elements about the AC5350BCA :

  • its digital enabled controls. People are desperately tired of analogue based technology, and digital world has taken the throne. You don’t have to stay in a stuffy, pungent, putrid or redolent house because the remote control’s batteries are done. The machine is now digitalized to help you live in a flowery, fresh and fragrance filled environment.
  • Ultra quiet operation Some people can’t catch even a siesta when there is buzzing sound of anything. This time round you are assured of quiet sleep till morning since Germ Guardian machine is fit with five fan speed to give you a wide speed options.

Technical Specs

Filter TypeTrue HEPA
Air Flow CFMAC5350BCA
Maker-recommended Room Size(efficient)
Noise levelLow
Energy star-rated YES
Power (in W)-
Remote control ? Y/NN
Dimensions9.1 x 6.7x27.6
Weight11 pounds
Maker (brand)GerGuardian Technologies
Warranty5 Year Limited Warranty
Link to ManualHere


  • Sleek, elegant design. It looks like an expensive speaker,while remaining very inconspicuous, which is rare with air purifiers.
  • Efficiency. The machine works rather quicker and when placed in a stuffy room, two to three hours are enough to transform the home to a.
  • Silent operation. An important feature of this unit is its silence. Thanks to Guardian Technologies’ experience with air purifiers, you can work, play or even sleep next to the unit.


  • The unit is fragile. The machine is very sensitive and if it falls accidentally, its internal parts may be destroyed.

Users’ feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comBeing a smoker I hated having to stand outside to divulge in my very bad habit. Once I received this GermGuardian AC5350BCA unit I lit up and watched how this unit amazingly sucked up all the smoke in it’s path from 5-6 feet away! At first, I just thought this unit was a gimmick since I own 2 other GermGuardian AC5000E models and this one uses the exact same filter (Size C), but that is not the case by any means. This one is whisper quiet even on the 4 out of 5 setting and is a huge improvement over their other models. The UV-C light is even smaller than their other units which helps eliminate the possibility of breakage when it’s time for replacement. Also, the blue light markings on the top of the unit make it easy to use right out of the box. Now I wish I owned more of these units and will probably buy at least one more and give the others away to friends. The air circulation is awesome and the manual states that the approximately $27.00 filters only require complete replacement every 6-8 months while you only need to vacuum out the carbon pre-filter about once a month. You’ll be amazed how much dust, pet hairs and smoke this unit takes in and it has helped my allergies tremendously. And, last, but not least, the air smells clean as my non-smoking friends can attest to. Buy one; you won’t be sorry. I kid you not. Thanks for reading!”

Users quotes on Amazon.comWorks amazingly well. I’ve tried other purifiers and had two running simultaneously in my 760 sq ft condo prior to purchasing this one. I do not need the others now; I will be giving them away. A close friend who is more sensitive to allergens commented upon visiting my home that the air was much more breathable. I couldn’t agree more. Highly recommended!”

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Looking for that purifier, which is convenient, reliable, precise and accurate? No more search, this is the ideal purifier for you, easy to operate, the Germ Guardian AC5350BCA unit is designed with a modern style and flamboyance. Professional oriented with reliable long working hours and a machine that can’t let you down.

Germ Guardian AC5350BCA offers all in one package.

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