Friedrich – EP24G33B

For the Chill and Kull series, it’s not about the price, but reliability and quality. If you can afford to sacrifice some cash, you’ll surely find some premium appliances from Freidrich.

These units are designed to be energy efficient and lightweight residential units that should be easy to install and be used in different areas and weather.

Freidrich’s Chill series comes with the EP24G33B model that is meant for extra-large spaces since it is designed to produce heavy-weight cooling capacity. Until recently, most of its features were originally exclusive only to the Kull series.

Let’s delve in deeper in what this unit promises to deliver and see if they are of any good.

Description of the EP24G33B by Friedrich

The huge cooling capacity of 23000BTU just shows how powerful this appliance is built to be. If you are looking to cover spaces of about 1,400 sq. Ft, then you have come to the right place as this ac will handle them with ease. These could adjacent rooms connected to each other such as the kitchen with the living room.

If you also need to heat the room at night or during the winter, this air conditioner already got you covered with a built-in 14,000BTUs heater to help you with that. This means you will not have to unmount the appliance during the winter as it will always be a utility.

Also, if you don’t have enough windows or are simply not prepared to sacrifice them to install a window air conditioner, Friedrich Chill Series EP24G33B can also be used on a wall opening so you always have options to choose.

One of the most common problems with many window air conditioners is that if the window is not centrally placed, the air conditioner will have problems ensuring even distribution of the cool air across the room. With this unit, you don’t have to deal with hot and cold spots in the room as it comes with continuous auto air sweep louvers that automatically oscillate on both directions to ensure the air is distributed evenly.

The reduced noise level is another selling feature of this unit. Despite being a heavy-duty appliance, it is able to cut noise considerably when compared to other competing models from other brands. This is due to its clever internal engineering that ensures smooth airflow by strategically placing components to reduce drag on the flowing air.

Control is designed to be very easy and convenient. Numerous easy-to-access features are available both on the onboard control panel and on the remote control. These include the Money Save setting that automatically decides when to use power consuming components such as fans to save energy.

Other handy features include the 3-speed fan speed, 24-hour timer, auto-restart, and 4-way air control.

However, this unit falls short when it comes to energy efficiency as it is not able to attain the Energy Star recommendations of 10.0. it only manages to achieve an EER of 9.9EER.

Friedrich Chill Series EP24G33B is designed to be burglar-proof with specially designed sleeves to prevent kick-in intrusion which is a common concern with many window air conditioners. The chassis slide out and the sleeves are included in the purchase.

The filter is antimicrobial and easily washable. There is a check-filter alert to notify you when you need to clean the filter.

Technical Specs

Cooling capacity (in BTU)23000BTU
Built-In Heat PumpYes
Built-In Heat DehumidifierNo
Recommended Room Size1400 sq. Ft
Cooling Speeds3
Max Noise Level (in dB)55dB
Remote control ? Y/NYes
Automatic Shut-Off / Restart after shutdownYes
Maintenance RemindersYes
Power Supply240
Weight146 pounds
Dimensions17.5 x 26 x 29.8 inches
Warranty1 Year Parts Warranty, 5 Year Sealed Refrigerant System
Accessories IncludedStandard Installation kit, Power cord
Price (in USD)$1052.51


  • EntryGard anti-intrusion This feature ensures the appliance does not provide easy kick-in intrusion by burglars.
  • Also has a heater. This is very handy especially during the winter as you will not have to buy an additional appliance.


  • Very low efficiency ratio. While this appliance does have other features that ensures that the bill does not inflate, an EER of 9.9 is very low

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comI installed this unit in a rental house I own that does not have central AC - it was an easy install, and the unit works great - the tenants like it so much they actually use it in the winter as well instead of the central gas heat. It covers most of 1,200 house with them using a window unit in their master to cool it off in the summer. I would estimate the unit to be doing well up to 800-900 or so sq. ft net space. The heat pump works better than most central heat pumps, producing notable heat well into the 20s. Two years now, and the unit is going strong, no issues so far, I am happy with both the performance and the durability of this unit, would buy again!"

Users quotes on Amazon.comThe unit has no issues cooling our upstairs -- approximately 1500 square feet. Minor annoyances with the remote. If the temperature is attempted to be changed but there is something in the way, the remote will show the changing temperature and the AC will show the unchanged temperature. The plastic intake cover is a little flimsy. When cleaning the filter be sure to take care not to break the plastic pieces holding it on. I broke mine within the first week of using it."

Conclusion: EP24G33B by Friedrich

Friedrich Chill Series EP24G33B is a versatile unit perfect for most residential rooms such as basements, offices, share living areas and city apartments.

The series actually has very good ratings on most online stores such as Amazon and this shows why the conditioner is worth considering.

The only potential worry for most people would be the huge price tag but if you are prepared to forego the huge price tag, then you will surely get a unit with the latest features to make your experience indoors blissful.

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