Emerson Quiet Cool – EARC5MD1

Emerson Quiet Kool is a brand under HomeEasy company, a company based in HongKong that distributes domestically in the US through a Philadelphia-based Almo Corp though it also maintains a US-headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey.

Though it is only about 11 years old, it has managed to capture about 2 percent of the US market through its broad home comfort appliances.

One of its recently launched products is the Emerson Quiet Kool 5000 BTU window air conditioner that is meant to provide a perfect cooling solution for your house, office, or trailer while keeping the noise on the low.

We are going to break down some of its features and see how they fare with the competition and consequently help you make informed decisions when shopping for a window air conditioner.

Description of the EARC5MD1 by Emerson Quiet Kool

As an air conditioner designed for small spaces, this one covers not more than 150 square feet of space since its capacity is only about 5000BTUs. This is enough for most standard bedrooms or trailers and campers.

The efficiency of any window air conditioner has to be taken into account as it determines the final costs of operating the unit. Energy Star guidelines require that all air conditioners have not less than 10.0 Energy Efficiency Ratio (ERR). This unit’s EER rating is about 11.0 which is above expectations and thus guarantees not wastages. This should incur you about 40 dollars of yearly electricity costs.

It will also work fine with 115 power outlet which is the most common in the majority of homes. You should, however, ensure if you don’t use an extension cord with this unit. Ensure you buy the recommended cord as stipulated by the manual if the unit is not near an outlet and require an additional cord.

Emerson Quiet Cool is a highly manual unit featuring two mechanical rotary controls to adjust temperatures and fan speed. There are 7 temperature levels to choose from on the top knob, two cooling speeds, and two fan speeds on the other. While for the most parts this should be enough to provide a comfortable indoor environment, it is not ideal for those who would like to set specific temperatures as there is no digital readout thermostat display.

The dehumidifier section of the unit is able to remove moisture from the air at a rate of 1.3 pints per hour. A filter is also installed to ensure dust, pollen, bacteria, and mold do not take advantage of the weather. This should keep your family safe from air-related sicknesses and ensure that conditions such as asthma and allergies are not aggravated.

HomeEasy makes installation of this window unit easy by making sure everything required during installation is included in the window mounting kit. You should ensure your window can accommodate this unit by measuring the dimensions and making sure it is about 23 to 36 inches wide and 13 inches high.

The eight-way directional air louvers should ensure you direct air to any desired direction without any difficulty. This is especially important for those without a centrally placed window.

To give you some peace of mind, the manufacturer decided to include a 5-year warranty known as 1-2-5-year warranty. This means you should get 1 year of labor, parts and compressor coverage, 2 years worth of parts and compressor only, and 5-year cost-free compressor coverage. This should cover most of the maintenance costs of its life.

The appliance weighs about 36.7 pounds and has dimensions of 16 x 15.2 x 12.5 inches.

It requires very low voltage to startup and this should help you conserve energy and save money.

Technical Specs

BrandEmerson Quiet Kool
Cooling capacity (in BTU)5000BTU
Built-In Heat PumpNo
Built-In Heat DehumidifierYes
Recommended Room Size150 sq. Ft
Cooling Speeds2
Max Noise Level (in dB)50dB
Remote control ? Y/NNo
Automatic Shut-Off / Restart after shutdownYes
Maintenance RemindersNo
Power Supply115V
Weight36.7 pounds
Dimensions16 x 15.2 x 12.5 inches
Warranty1-2-5 years warranty: 1 year labor, 2 years parts and 5 years compressor.
Accessories IncludedWindow mounting kit, Power cord
Price (in USD)$159.00


  • Good warranty package. This unit comes with one of the best warranty coverage in the industry of 1-2-5 which is very comprehensive.
  • Quiet. A decibel rating of 50dB is very low in the air conditioning world.


  • No timer or auto shut-off. This means you will have shut it off manually if the desired conditions are reached.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comExcellent air conditioner. I'm over 60 years old and had no trouble installing this window air conditioner into a window that is at eye level. Cooled down a 200 square foot room in less than 8 minutes (in 90-degree heat!). It is so quiet you don't think it's running."

Users quotes on Amazon.comAir conditioners don't add coolness they remove heat. There must be adequate hot air exhaust to remove heat from a room. Add an assist fan on the hot air side (condenser) to improve cooling. I used this in a very hot space without enough exhaust air and it blew hot air. I added an assist fan and it blows 55-degree air in a100 degree space. So far so good."

Conclusion: EARC5MD1 by Emerson Quiet Kool

If you want to enjoy cool summer days on a budget unit without all those fancy modern-appliance features, then this Emerson Quiet Kool EARC5MD1 is worth considering.

Enjoy quiet operations of as low as 50db, coupled with a convenient auto-restart in case of power failure. This unit costs only about $140 at the time of writing which is a good value for the money.

Should you feel this is not what you are looking for, we’ve got you covered with a wide array of window air conditioners we feel might be good for you.

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