Dr Infrared Heater – Portable 1500-Watt: Space Heater

Dr Infrared is a portable space heater that uses infrared radiation to provide heat. Infrared heaters work just like the sun. A series of coils and reflectors direct light towards a quartz element wrapped in metal. This heats up the metal causing the air inside the appliance to increase in temperature. A fan blows the air out of the box to provide warm air in the room. 

If you love that nice and toasty feeling of the sun’s heat, maybe you should try out this space heater.

Description of the Portable 1500-Watt by Dr Infrared Heater

This space heater features a dual heating system which the company claims is a first. A heat exchanger, usually quartz wrapped in metal, is placed in front of the infrared bulb. The radiation from the bulb and the reflectors heat up the quartz material which in turns heats the metal wrapping. The hot metal heats the air around it and the hot air is driven out by a fan and is circulated in the room using convection currents.  

The second heating part is the radiation that escapes out of the metal grill. The heat is only directed at the objects and people immediately in front of it as opposed to the whole room. 

The combined power of these technologies enables the appliance to provide 60% more heat than similar heaters at 1500-Watts.  The 1500-Watt level is the highest on this space heater. Other two settings are the Low setting at 1000-Watt, and the Auto setting. The Auto mode enables the appliance to select between the low and the highest setting to provide your desired temperature quickly based on your room’s current air conditions. The 1500-Watt setting is the fastest heating solution though it uses more power.  

According to the company, tests conducted on this appliance alongside its more expensive counterparts showed that when placed in an airtight chamber with similar starting temperature, Dr.Infrared heated the same amount of space faster. 

All these settings are available in a user-friendly digital display that features a thermostat and touch sensitive buttons. The control panel also enables you to set timers for the heater. There is also a remote control that helps you set the heater from the comfort of your couch. 

This space heater uses a 7-inch blower to drive out heated air out of the appliance. This acts as a fan silencer as it greatly reduces the noise emitted by this appliance. If you place it in your living room, it is barely noticeable. A noise level of below 39dB ensures that you only listen to your favorite shows or have a conversation without having to raise your voice. 

This level of noise is still enough for majority of the users to catch sleep. However, this heater emits an orange glow. Though not all users are bothered by lights at night, the glow can be a nuisance for some users and it might interfere with their sleep schedule. 

Safety has been taken into account while constructing this heater – there is a topple-detection feature that ensures the device auto shuts itself whenever it falls or is toppled over. It uses a small pin button at the bottom to detect a fall.  However, the device must be placed on a hard, flat surface for this to work; the device may not work if you place it on uneven and/or fluffy surfaces such as carpets. 

It also features an overheat protection feature. This ensures that the device does not become a safety hazard if there is an electrical surge or overload from the power source. This is very important and can avoid fire accidents in houses. The exterior of this heater is always cool even when the device is on to prevent burns in case you touch it. 

It is designed to be somewhat portable and only weighs 24lbs. The bottom features four caster-wheels to enable you relocate it with ease. The heater does not have oscillatory features so you might have to change the direction of the heat manually. The caster-wheels enable easy rotation.

Technical Specs

BrandDr Infrared Heater
TypeElectric Oil Filled Radiator
Power SourceMax 1500W
Heating levels Auto, Low 1000W and High 1500W
Fan ForcesYes
Features-Quiet and Efficient Blower
-Dual heating system.
-Long Lifetime with 80,000 Hours of Operation
-Auto Energy Saving Model
Safety featuresSafety tip-over switch with auto shut-off, Overheat protection
Weight21 lbs
Dimensions13 x 11 x 16 in
Accessories IncludedRemote control
Price (in USD)$121.64


  • Super quiet: If you love quiet rooms when sleeping the auto-mode is very efficient.
  • Safe:Topple and overheat detection features can be handy in preventing burn and fire accidents.


  • Musty smells:Some users complain of some musty odor on purchase though it dissipate as the device is used.
  • There are no oscillatory features.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comWorks excellent in my three season room in cold WI winters however no matter what any heater will be expensive to run constantly to heat a room that isn't normally heated throughout the winter. This one is no exception to the rule. Even on the coldest days of the winter this year though, it kept up with demand of a setting at 68 F. in a room like I said that is normally not heated."

Users quotes on Amazon.comI went through last year's NYC winter in my drafty pre-war apartment wearing three layers at night. Not in 2016! This heater is small but it's really powerful. I expect an increase in my electric bill but it's a small price to pay for comfort. I live in a building with heat controlled by the owner, so I can't increase the temperature in my home without a portable heater like this. The added electrical cost might be worth considering if you aren't in a situation like mine. But for me, this is a great little addition to my life. Highly recommend. It's worth the price for the quality you get. I'm VERY happy with my purchase!"

Conclusion: Portable 1500-Watt by Dr Infrared Heater

Overall, if you are looking for an efficient heating source alternative, Dr Infrared is a perfect candidate. This heater will provide you that comfortable and cozy feeling you crave and help heat your space faster without increasing the electricity bill. 

At its price, this heater manages to provide benefits unavailable even on its more expensive counterparts. The dual heating system is the major selling point of this heater and has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied users. 

We would highly recommend this heater as your supplementary source of heat and we are confident that it will greatly bring down your heating costs especially during the winter.

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