DeLonghi – TRD40615E: Space Heater

During the cold season, when you come home with numb fingers, freezing, all you want is to quickly switch on your favorite heater and heat up your house as quickly as possible. If you want to do this in an economical way, using an oil filled radiator might be a good idea. 

Delonghi  TRD40615E promises top-in-class cutting-edge technology to ensure that you attain your desired temperatures faster and without having to dig deep into your pockets. We will examine some of the key features of this heater to help you make an informed decision the next time you are buying a supplementary heating solution for your house.

Description of the TRD40615E by DeLonghi

As an oil-filled radiator, Delongi TRD40615E works by heating up a series of oil-filled chambers using a heating element placed at the bottom. This heat energy created is then transferred to the surrounding air which rises and is distributed around the house by use of convection currents. The oil reservoirs are permanently sealed and therefore do not need to be refilled.  

Delonghi says they have already patented the technology used to assemble the steel reservoirs as it has proved to be very effective. The vertical thermal tunnels employ a wider heating surface by about 40% and are able to produce 25% more heat energy without the surface being too hot. 

The oil chambers also come with antifreeze capabilities to prevent freezing of pipes. The appliance will automatically activate the antifreeze function if the temperature gets below 44 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This ensures the device remains cool to the touch and your kids and pets will not burn themselves if they touch the device. This heater also employs additional safety features such as the overheat protection automatic switch. This turns off the device if it detects abnormal temperature increases that may be caused by a faulty internal component. This can prevent burn accidents and actually saves lives by preventing fires. 

There is also an additional switch that detects the device’s orientation and will shut off the device if it detects that the appliance has been toppled over. 

Being an oil filled radiator means that it is always going to be quieter. TRD40615E is assembled in such a way to make it unrecognizable while running. There are no fans blowing or clicks heard while operating this appliance. This makes it ideal to place in the bedroom or your study room as it will quietly deliver the required warmth without being a nuisance. 

1500W of heat output produced by this heater is enough to cover most medium to large rooms without any difficulty. This should give you about 5120 BTUs of energy to cover spaces of up to 250 sq ft which is much smaller compared to other heaters.  You can also change the heat setting to 800W if you want to save power though this will take much longer to heat up the room. 

The control panel has a digital display and a thermostat to help you have full control of the appliance. There is also a timer to help you choose the duration the device will run so you can focus on other important tasks. The ECO mode automatically adjusts the heat and power setting to produce a comfortable and economical warmth. 

This heater weighs about 26 pounds which is a noticeable weight to lift. Luckily, there are four omni-direction caster wheels to enable you to move and relocate the device with ease. Also, it does not require too much real estate and can operate on tight places as long as there is enough free-flowing air around it.

Technical Specs

TypeOil filled
Power SourceMax 1500
Heating levels2 heat settings(1500W, 800W)
Fan ForcesNo
Features-Automatically Saves Energy
-Durable and Maintenance-Free
-Personalized Comfort
-Instant Warmth
Safety featuresTip-over Cut Off Switch, Overheat Protection.
Weight26.6 lbs
Dimensions27.20 x 15.80 x 9.20 in
Warranty1 year
Accessories Included-
Price (in USD)$129.00


  • Works well in low temperatures: It is fitted with auto-defrost technology to prevent ice accumulation on the coils.
  • Safe:Topple and overheat detection features can be handy in preventing burn and fire accidents.


  • Limited scope: With its area of coverage, you can't rely on it to work on large areas such as living rooms or offices.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comWe have had the new unit for about a month, and it works very well. Excellent really. So, the first one was just a dud. I changed my rating to 5 stars based on the new one that works great. Perhaps the electronics were damaged during shipping or something like that on the dud one. Anyway, the new one works wonderfully, and we highly recommend it. It silently puts out lots of heat, enough to warm a room at least 20 x 20 feet and probably larger. The dud one also put out an awful smell that we thought was just some off-gassing or something at the beginning. But it never stopped doing it The new one doesn't do that at all, so we are very happy with it. Very happy also that DeLonghi customer service also contacted us. I am impressed! Most companies need better customer service, but Delonghi seems great!!."

Users quotes on Amazon.comOurs is very quiet. I keep it in the eco mode set at 70 degrees F. I initially wanted to hook it up to a WeMo switch but whenever the WeMo switch went off, the heater would not turn back on when the power to the heater was turned on again. Hence, it can't be hooked up to any type of timer switch. I would have given it 5 stars if it could work on a timer. It does have a very basic timer built in but this cannot be set to a certain time on or off."

Conclusion: TRD40615E by DeLonghi

Overall, this heater does some decent job of giving you a comfortable and economical, albeit slower when compared to other types of heaters, way of managing the heat in your house. It minimizes the noise level so there are no clicks and other annoying sounds while operating the heater. 

Delonghi TRD40615E does have some drawbacks, many of which are associated with the type rather than the build. For example, though it manages to be very efficient, it only manages less than 300 sq ft of space. 

If you feel it is the right heater for you, don’t hesitate to snatch one for yourself for the cold season.

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