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Vicks reputation and history

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In 1926, the parent company of the Vics, Kaz USA Inc was founded after its owner,  Max Katzman, invented the world’s first vaporizer.


Almost 70 years later, Kaz incorporated the Vicks brand from Procter and Gamble company to maintain its position as a state-of-the-art global leader in health technology. From then onwards, the company has continued to produce various vaporizer and humidifier solutions over the years. 


The first humidifier was developed in 1999. It featured an ergonomic pocket handle for the tank and a night light. To produce mist, it boiled the water in order to make sure 95% and above of germs and viruses were removed from the mist. 

Due to its success, various versions of the humidifier have been produced to include scent-pads, ultraviolet light chambers, and additional safety features like the SteamGuard design and an automatic shut-off when the water level is too low.


This has led to the creation of effective solutions to relieve a cough and congestion symptoms and while at the same time enhancing comfort, safety, and quiet environment during sleep or study.

Vicks products

Vicks Humidifiers

Vicks offers a wide range of humidifiers for its customers. These ranges from evaporative to ultrasonic models. Among the evaporative versions is the Vicks® Filtered Cool Moisture Humidifier that uses a fan to blow the water off a wicking filter.

This enables it to provide a fine mist of cool moisture that is regulated according to the room conditions to provide maximum comfort. Its 3-liter capacity water tank means it enables provision of a constant mist output for over 20 hours per day for a small to medium room. 


The water tank is made of a break-resistant material and has a wide opening for easy refilling and cleaning. The humidifier also accepts menthol pads for medical and soothing scents. 


The company also manufactures ultrasonic humidifiers like the Vicks® Sweet Dreams™ Cool Mist Humidifier. This model is capable of providing 24 hours of constant humidification before the tank runs empty. It uses clear projections to complement its night lights by creating a soothing and relaxing dream – inspired themes at night.

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