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Shinco is a Chinese company that was established in 1980.Β The company manufactures a wide range of electronic appliances including heat pumps, washing machines, TVs, heat pumps, and air conditioners. Shinco is headquartered in Changzhou, China and distributes its products to various parts of the world.

Today, Shinco operates under Jiangsu Fengrun Group. This group was established in 1995 and it is made up of six wholly-owned subsidiaries.Β They are Jiangsu Shinco Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd, Jiangsu Fengrun Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd, Changzhou Yurun Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd, Jiangsu Yoau Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd, Changzhou Fengrun Import and Export Trade Co. Ltd, and Changzhou Hade Household Appliance Co. Ltd.

Jiangsu Fengrun Group currently has more than 3000 employees and more than 30 production plants. Abundant managerial experience and strong economic power has helped to accelerate the growth rate of the company. By 2013, the company was growing at an impressive rate of over 30% in a year. The group’s capacities to process copper pipes, fins, plastics, evaporators, and condensers enables it to produce air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air cleaners, and other solutions in mass quantities.

The Jiangsu Fengrun Group is committed to improving the quality of its products through research and technological innovation. In addition, the company has established strong cooperative relations with LG, Samsung, Anhai, Midea, ARGOS, Electrolux, Sanyo, Frestec, et cetera.

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Shinco Air Conditioners

Shinco has a reputation of providing the market with high quality air conditioners. The Shinco YLP3 is one of the company’s best sellers.Β It is designed to deliver a cooling capacity of 10K BTU. Shinco recommends this air cooling system for spaces that are up to 300 square feet.Β In addition, this air cooling solution is designed to ensure that your room has a truly comfortable environment.

To ensure that your room is cooled within the shortest time possible, the Shinco YLP3 is designed to blow air in four directions. Its user friendly interface enables you to control the environment of your room with ease. In addition, this unit features a remote control that enables you to control the environment of your space from anywhere within your room.

To prevent accumulation of moisture, the Shinco YLP3 employs a self-evaporative mechanism.Β You therefore don’t need to empty the unit from time to time. In addition, this air conditioner features caster wheels. You can therefore move it from one room or position to another by pushing it.

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