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Portacool is one of the world leaders in the manufacture and sale of evaporative coolers. The company has its headquarters in Center, Texas. Portacool pioneered in availing the first version of an evaporative cooler to the market in 1990. Over the years, the company has grown its line of products and its distribution has expanded to all the states in the United States of America and in 56 countries outside of the USA.


Portacool’s evaporative coolers are portable, and this allows users to move them from one position to another easily and conveniently. These coolers can be used for a wide range of cooling applications. Their design makes them a suitable choice for those who want to replace traditional air conditioning.

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Portacool Air Conditioners

Portacool’s portable evaporative coolers were the first of their kind to be introduced in the market. The five series of air conditioners are the Portacool Hurricane series, the Jetstream series, the Cyclone series, the Hazardous location series, and the Classic series.


The Hurricane series has two models. These coolers are designed to operate in expansive spaces. The Portacool Hurricane 360 can cool spaces that are up to 4,250 square feet while the Hurricane 370 is suitable for spaces that are up to 6,250 square feet.


The Jetstream series has 6 models. These are the Jetstream 220, 230, 240, 250, 260, and 270. The Jetstream 220 is designed to cool spaces that are up to 700 square feet while Jetstream 230 is suitable for spaces that measure up to 900 square feet. The rest are designed for areas ranging from 1,000 to 5,625 square feet in size.


The coolers in the Cyclone series are designed to operate outdoors. The series has four models, Cyclone 110, 120, 130, and 160. The Cyclone 110 is the smallest in this series, and it is suitable for areas that are up to 300 square feet. The Cyclone 160, the biggest cooling solution in this series, is suitable for spaces that are up to 2,100 square feet.


The Hazardous location series has two models, the Portacool Hazardous Location 260 and 270. These are designed to cool areas with high heat and where combustion is likely to occur. They are suitable for industrial spaces that are up to 3,125 and 5,625 square feet, respectively.


Finally, the Classic series has two models. These are the Classic 16” three speed and the Classic 36” single speed. These cooling solutions work well in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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