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Pelonis Technologies Inc. is an American company that produces various appliances ranging from fans, blowers, heaters, and motors. Founded in the mid-90s, the company has slowly and steadily been proving itself as one of the formidable leaders in innovation and production of quality products for its customers. 

Pelonis has its headquarters in Exton, Pennsylvania, USA. 

All of their facilities are ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified in addition to strict industry compliance on independent certification standards such as UL, CUL, EB, and TUV. 

They also provide customization services for almost all of their products in addition to the standard options. This is meant to make sure their products are able to work on even the most difficult industrial conditions. Pelonis also manufactures

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Pelonis Space Heaters

Pelonis provide reliable, high-performance heating solutions, including oil-filled heaters, ceramic flexible heaters, temperature controllers, and infrared heaters. The oil-filled heaters include Pelonis NY150714A Oil-Filled Radiator and Pelonis NY1507-14A 500-Watt Digital Oil-Filled Radiant Portable Heater. Both of these heaters have garnered numerous positive reviews on various online stores for their incredible performance. The later has a 10-hour programmable timer, a thermostat, and remote control – three of the most sought-after features of modern heaters. 

There are also fan-forced ceramic heaters such as the portable HF-0020T Fan-Forced model suitable for small rooms. It also comes with a fan-only mode to help you if you need a breeze during the summer.

Pelonis Fans

Pelonis manufactures all type of fans and their accessories. They will even make you a customized one whenever you need it. Some of its best-selling fans are the FS40-8JR and the FT40-8HC. The FS40-8JR is a 3-Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan with a control panel to help you customize the speed and the time up to 4 hours. You also have some added convenience with a remote controller.  

The stand height is an adjustable and round large base to help keep the fan stable and prevent wobbling while blowing air. 

The FS40-8HC is, on the other hand, rather a smaller desktop fan also with a 3-speed setting to help control both the noise and the amount of air blown. It weighs seven pounds and sells for about $45. 

Others great fans includes the FB50-17H and the FB50-9H.

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